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Thread: [046]: May 06 2015 - The National - Richmond, Virginia, USA

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    Default [046]: May 06 2015 - The National - Richmond, Virginia, USA

    May 06 2015
    Venue: The National
    Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Tickets on sale Feb 27
    Tickets / Info:

    Members Attending:

    • Tater
    • Bthcas2
    • Lillith
    • gunz
    • darluh

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    i will definitely be present.

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    I gave Marilyn Manson AIDS.

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    attending woooo!!

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    I'd be attending if my physics final weren't on the 7th. =x.x=
    Yeah I know I should be awesome enough to have requested to take the exam early in order to make the show but I'm not, and I can't risk staying up all night as often happens with these things.
    But yeah I'll probably be at any future RVA show that might occur in the next 3-4 years.
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    Mother fucker is on fire.

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    I have a few videos I'll upload here in a few. At the beginning of the first, Manson is taunting his papa dukes about the lack of whoopings he had as a kid. The second video is a little loving moment between twiggy & Manson before breakin out some killer riffs and vocals.

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