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Thread: Saddest Song

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    I think, for me, it would be Disassociative. But In the Shadow of the Valley of Death comes to mind as well.

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    So many tracks from Eat Me, Drink me, there's no way - or need - to pick just one.I get aggressively depressed when I listen to that album. So much emotional despair with no escape Whatsoever. It's Manson at his most vulnerable and defeated, IMO. It's interesting how he succumbs to all the psychic melancholia that seem to have caged him like a wingless harlequin bird... Such a tragically beautiful album. Too sad for me at this juncture in my life, but an amazing piece of work nonetheless !

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    The Speed Of Pain, wins.
    Memento Mori
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    The Speed Of Pain, wins.
    15 thumbs up

    "Our less well-developed physical senses, vis-a-vis our limited perception of the electromagnetic spectrum, aka reality - would be responsible for our reliance on reality and all that we define by it."

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    Evidence actually makes me cry, but I think my reaction has more to do with the musical arrangement (particularly the drums) than the lyrics.

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    So many to choose from.

    "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death" is Manson at his most world-weary - his angst here doesn't stem from his private life, but from his observations of the world around him.

    "The Speed Of Pain" is deeply effecting, but I don't consider it sad - in fact, it's pretty hopeful, finding refuge from a society that "slits our throats like we were flowers" in the arms of another person.

    "Spade" is very morose, but also triumphant in a way, knowing that "there's still traces of me in your veins".

    "Evidence" is like something ripped raw and bloody from his person.
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    When I drove up to the hospital to see my Grandma, unbeknownst to me the last time, "Running to the Edge of the World" came on right before I got there. I just sat in the car and listened to it before I went in cause I knew it was the end...

    Now whenever I hear that I get sadder than usual.

    15 the song is pretty fucking sad when you actually think about it. I think Shangs went into that once.

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    Nighttime is the right time.

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    "Fuck Frankie" .. not even being sarcastic .. the recording simply makes me cry : (

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    I've whited out my name. Halo Infinity's Avatar
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    As of right now, I'm somewhat tied in between Disassociative and Running to the Edge of the World.

    I also still find myself comparing Man That You Fear to Come White a lot in that regard.

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