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Thread: The Marilyn Manson Message Board Superstars Appreciation Thread

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    Default The Marilyn Manson Message Board Superstars Appreciation Thread

    We've had a lot of User Friendly threads over the years. However, this isn't a Q&A, A Kenny Rogers Chicken "Roast", nor a Superlatives Thread. No, this is something entirely different. We are gathered here today to shine the limelight on the currently active personalities of this Pale Empire's Agorum in an amiable and somewhat lighthearted pejorative manner.

    Pretend that Shangri-LIE did not create this thread and GO! Here is my list of some of the many outstanding Bright Young Things and Mechanical Animals of this forum.

    Mercurius - You are foreign and very articulate. Thank You.

    Nemoris Inferioris - You're a stalker. An asset to the community for being a fan that usually only comments on relevant MM topics in a succinct and realistic way. Thank you.

    Penance Sentence - You've brought back humor and an atmosphere of liberation/democracy to the boards. It's like you crash landed here, you Roswellian Nightmare you, kicked in the doors again, making it okay to be fun and insightful in a non intellectually rigid/brick wall sort of way... And for that, I thank you.

    Two Faced Egg (23) - You Chemistro, Master of Evil you. Banker. Cattle fence builder. You've convinced people that you have some severe mental problems, but you are more intelligent, eclectic and well read than most of the users here who beat their chests with a superiority complex and I will forever LOoL'zZz at that. Thank You.

    YoureAlreadyHere - Dark and witty. Criminologist. Great Mother. Such a pretty voice. Fine wine appreciator. I love you.

    VelvetAIDS - You're a silly little bitch but I also love you. Homo or No Homo

    S.D. - Equestrian. Win Falcon and Erudite Pop Culture and Marilyn Manson gumshoe. I salute you.

    Vertigo - You are a beacon of sunshine and radiant bizarre, uplifting and a much needed source of happy nutrition around here that we all should absorb and appreciate more. I do. Thank you.

    Blue Angel - You definitely have a shroud of mystique around you. A subtle seductiveness. There's a real air of mystery about you. Keep it up.

    Hazekiah - You've accomplished so much and are one of the only "vets" left around here. You've been to so many Marilyn Manson concerts, and for that I give you a lifetime achievement award. Never give up. You're like a barium enema. A no bullshit kind of guy. Keep conquering and Mastering the Marilyn Manson Domain.

    FeedYourHead - You're a very smart young woman with a promising career. You just got caught up in the wrong crowd. However, despite all differences, you've really got a good head on those tiny little shoulders. Good luck.

    Terrapin - You're a doctor.

    Cringeon - You are just like a groovy Horse with No Name. R-ee-fer scientist. Bass-Mentalist. You're a good guy.

    Negredo - I have a super crush on you but I am shy and am now embarrassed for having said it "out loud". Great artist as well. Rejection already accepted and coped with in advance. It's all good. You're great.

    Kris - You like a lot of my statuses. You're very inquisitive. Keep on Rocking in the Free World. *Shakes your hand*

    Celebrity Killing Spree - I don't know much about you, but were you in "Star Whackers"? lol - Anyway, you're a much needed voice of reason around here. You help maintain the equilibrium around here. You're fresh and fantastic.

    Gunz - Thank you for looking at us from your top secret location like we are all a bunch of crazy people here, and giving us the shifty eyes. I love you, kid. lol

    Cat - What can I say? You're you. Never stop. YOU RAISE ME UP, SO I CAN STAND ON MOUNTAINS!

    The list can go on and on. I haven't forgotten about anyone. Now it's your turn. This is where your faith is. I've seen so many come and go. Please feel free to compliment whoever below, for whatever reason...whatsoever. Namaste~
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    Oh, thank you, dearest Shangs. *drops a curtsey*
    And what would we do without you, the catalyst, the agitator, the cynic with the deeply idealistic heart? And not to forget, pancake- manufacturer?

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    I love everyone here in this Dope Show, you are all my STARS. Everyone adds their special beat to this forum and increases my heart for Marilyn Manson throughout all times.
    But, I especially love Shangs. I would collect him.

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    Yeah, my UFO crashed here. Fuck Earth, seriously. I'm only still here because of my Shangri-Lover. I'd beeeee looooonnnnnnnggggggg gone if it weren't for you.
    Oh, and this place occasionally offers free tits. (you know who you are ; )

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    Aww, u guise. Well, thank you! But make your own lists. Let someone or as many people know how special you think they are, are to you and how much you like them!

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    Mephisto - always on the ball in posting news on the manson camp. You are appreciated. It takes a lot to make me feel less of a fan girl. =P

    Hazekiah - Your past concert going experiences have really let me enjoy them vicariously through your words and imagery. You are inventive and young at heart.

    Blue Angel - You're a sweetheart. Always.

    VelvetAIDS Because, who doesn't enjoy the embrace of smooth & intoxicating disease?

    Past members I never had the chance to interact with

    Shangs - I've grown attached, and I love you, and I'm so happy for your new found hope. I've found no greater enjoyment than the history of your posts on this forum. You are completely insane, completely brilliant, and the strongest person I've never met; not to mention you're the host to the first sexual organ I've ever sung about.
    I'm gonna support you all the way through your run through city council. Yeah, that's right, and you're gonna be tired, and exhausted, and overworked, but we're gonna still find the energy to go antiquing on the weekends. And then you're gonna be on your deathbed, and you're gonna be sittin' there, and you're gonna be dyin and I'm gonna be right beside you, and I'm gonna be cryinnnnnn, and right at that moment when you cross over from this world into the next, I'm gonna fuck you in the asshole.
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    Don't tell me what to do.

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    Velvet Aids - You're my baby brother.. I want to bite your dick off and shit it out. What I'm really trying to say is...I want to be your best friend in the whole wide world. I want to bring love to your little, antisocial heart. You ARE a male Daria. But even THAT bitch had a love desire. Let me be yours. Seriously, you're awesome. And we may or may not do gay stuff to each other someday. Love you.

    Shangs - You are a sexy bitch. You actually managed to make me question my sexuality a few times. Thanks for that. What I'm really trying to say is...I want to be your best friend in the whole wide world. I believe in you. Yeah, there's a lot of mystery around me, but it's for all the right reasons. You're a fairly bright guy, and you have inspired me a lot.

    Two Faced Egg - You REEK of sexuality. You're a wild ass dude, and I look forward to getting to know you more and more. I hope you can get your dick in whatever hole you want it in. You are so damn interesting. You are very bright, and you always give me a lot to think about. We both like those deep, dark sounds. ; ) You're like some extended family or something. We have that SEED inside of us. Here's to a bright future *raises glass*

    Crazybitch - you know how to get turn my sexual wheels on. You are smart, and interesting. I really hope you find what you need in this life.

    Blue Engel - You are soooooooo goooooooooooooooooofy.

    You'reAlreadyHere - You left me out, but I'll be nice anyway and say you are interesting. You are warm and friendly, and pretty inviting. And your nipples wink at me.

    Iulian - You are the sexiest guy on this site.

    Cat - You are my favorite, stinky little pussy. And, you are sooooo funny.. you are soooo foreign....and it is sooooo cute. You are so naively optimistic, it may be the coolest thing in the world.

    Cringeon - You are like the biggest hipster I've ever come across. I knew that when I read you type that you like MM's paintings more than his music. I'm saying this as a compliment.

    SD - I've never spoken to you, but you seem like a cool fucking guy. And yes, 9/11 was an inside job! YES!!!!!!!!! lol You're awesome. Message me sometime, sexy.

    My brain is broken for now. I don't want to think anymore, little lovelies.

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    Shangs - We're probably secretly related and people should be afraid of that. I'm not insinuating anything. I promise.

    Penance Sentence - My incestuous stalker. Sometimes when I sit down I swear your tongue is further up my ass than I realize. Sometimes I cry at night from the existence of your very presence and satiate my desire with a 7-11 pizza. We're going to have some fun aren't we? *hugs*

    Two Faced Egg - Hermes' bastard son who hid away for thousands of years. You're the goddamn saviour of this forum and should be given a cake. I don't know what kind of cake you'd prefer but damn it-you need one. You bleed an enthusiasm and love for life that 90% of this damned place could learn from. Please stay. We need your ass.

    Cataract777 - You've given me hope that the state I live in is far less mentally ill than I give it credit for-let's do lunch.

    Cringeon - Possibly the only person on this board I can bond with in regards to certain musical acts. We don't bullshit as much as we used to and I'm sorry for being a spoiled fruitcake at times <3

    SD - You are mental embodiment of Poultry-on-Caballus action. You don't post as much as you used to and that's a shame. Come on, blood the fuck up. We love you. FLY. FLY. *bird noises*

    Terrapin - Hi.

    YoureAlreadyHere - I'm for certain you're going to murder me one night for repeatedly emotionally torturing you with country music and I know you only would do it out of love because you secretly stalk a handful of us.

    Vertigo - You are a beacon of sunshine and radiant bizarre, uplifting and a much needed source of happy nutrition around here that we all should absorb and appreciate more. I do. Thank you.

    Haz -

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    Let's see:

    VelvetAids: I love his pope Benedict image, and we always have similar opinions.

    Nemoris Inferioris: A realistic, down to earth person. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Shangs: Every mind is a universe of its own, but yours is quite disturbing, and by disturbing I mean "fascinating".

    Kris: Finest NIN fan, always with an objective comentary.

    SpaceSuicide: Never afraid to express what he thinks or feels. Kudos to you.

    S.D.: The most eloquent person I know. Need I say more?

    Blue Angel: Sweet personality.

    Mercurius: New name for me, but an interesting one, definitely.

    Hazekiah: The real MM live history encyclopaedia.

    And, for the rest of you, I'll quote Trent Reznor:

    I hate everyone.
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    Great participation so far! Keep em, coming! Hey, even if I listed you and you don't like me, that's fine. You don't even have to list or thank me. Just make you own list of current users that you appreciate and.....Come On, Get Happy!

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