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Thread: "It's better to be blamed for robbing Peter than guilty for paying Paul"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirthavidela View Post
    It was 5:30 in the morning from a cellphone, please don't expect me to write perfect, even for a letter mistake everyone can live, I'm not making any surgery...
    I liked the topic. I was making fun of Hazekiah and other tightwads around here. <3 LOL *Smile*

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    It's ok! I wasn't mad .
    Now trying to look if 3rd day of a seven day binge and Pale emperor, maybe High end of low and born villain hace something to do with Jesus story... I'll try to analyze this better and deeply

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    Oh for fuck's sake, i do appreciate this analysis but where is S.D etc...

    We all know about Saint Peter and Paul. What I'm rousing here is a need for a more in depth analysis like the old times during the triptych (subjectively including The Golden Age of Grotesque).

    "Our less well-developed physical senses, vis-a-vis our limited perception of the electromagnetic spectrum, aka reality - would be responsible for our reliance on reality and all that we define by it."

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    Do it!

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    Peter admits souls into heaven in Catholic lore, so robbing Peter could be seen as "stealing souls" away from God or leading people away from the pearly gates. Manson has been blamed throughout his career for leading the young astray. But, its better to be blamed for this than to be guilty of paying Paul, the founder of institutionalized Christianity (ie, paying one's debt to religion).

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