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Thread: Hidden Message/Verse In Tourniquet

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    I've never really discussed Tourniquet with other fans before, for whatever reason, so here's a few thoughts that may help.

    He deviates from the booklet even in the written verses. As the song peaks he sings "I never wanted it to end like this", whereas the book states 'I never wanted it to end this way'. I'm also pretty sure that he sings "Things that cannot speak" as it begins, rather than 'Things I cannot speak', which the booklet says. There's loads of examples like that in his booklets though, so it's not really a secret.

    That third section at the end, the piece that isn't written on the lyric sheet, well this is as succinct a reading of it as I've ever been able to muster. It could just be deliberately ambiguous, Manson may even have not been able to recall his exact lyric from the studio. You'd have to scrutinise all the live performances of the song and see if it's any clearer there at any stage. Here is my reading of it, though. "flies will lay their eggs" is the last section written in the booklet, here's what I hear afterwards:-

    "Take your hatred out on me, make your victim my head.
    You never ever believed in me, I am your Tourniquet.
    What I wanted, what I needed, what I got for me.
    What I wanted, what I needed, I got for me.
    Take your hatred out on me, make your victim my head.
    You never ever believed in me, I am your Tourniquet.
    Take your, take your... *unknown* me.
    I'm not/your **unknown** me.
    I never ever believed in me, I am your Tourniquet."

    *This sounds like it could possibly be another screaming repetition of 'Hate', but it's too uncertain to be sure, I've occasionally heard 'Help' as well, but I've not found that to make as much sense.
    **This is possibly, "I'm not hurting me", or "I'm not burning me", but again, there is no certain way to confirm this.

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    This thread, awesome!

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    Sounds something like "Take your, take you...Found in me...." Listen to that part in that Acapella i posted. The second part has two vocals at once, and sounds like each one, Manson is singing something different.

    First layer starts with "I", and the other starts with "You".

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    Can somebody ask Manson?

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    I bet Manson doesn't even know the correct lyrics to this part of the song.

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    No wonder this song scared me the first time i heard it. Christ.
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    Yup. I think this is Manson's greatest single. It is so dark and to mysterious. That ending verse is still a mystery, and all these hidden message we are only just NOW finding out about, after 20 years of its release.

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    well this is just fucking awesome... i've spliced, amplified and reversed the bit your talking about...hope the link works :-)

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    I remember Haz had fleshed out the lyrics on the old boards. I'm too lazy to find his summations on this matter.

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    I always thought it was "...get up out of me. I'm not proud of me."

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