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Thread: Hidden Message/Verse In Tourniquet

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    It sounds pretty much untranslatable. "Take you, take your _____ ______ me! I ____ ____ me!" I can't understand what he's yelling. Even live he screams it the same, which he probably doesn't know them, or maybe he does. The mystery.

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    I've always heard "take it, take it out on me/I don't really care".
    To revenge the misdeeds of the ruling class, there existed in the middle ages, in Germany, a secret tribunal, called the “Vehmgericht.” If a red cross was seen marked on a house, people knew that its owner was doomed by the “Vehm.”

    All the houses of Europe are now marked with the mysterious red cross.

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    See, I don't hear that. The lyrics to this is so debatable.

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    I always assumed it said take your, take your deceived me. I never believed...

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    I think Marilyn may be singing "You're part of me" at the end. Or possibly "Take your, take your, take your part of me."
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    Old video is gone, here's another. But I think everyone got one thing wrong. The second message is reversed too. I took it, reversed it, cleaned it up and amplified it. It sounds like he says "This is a point of vulnerability" before "This is my lowest point of vulnerability". Here's a link to the cleaned up reversed one.

    Edit: "I wanna control her because I am weakened by her" Tourniquet 3:11 reversed
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    What I hear in the "vocal only" video -with headphones, of course- is:

    "Take out, take out, enough out of me,
    you never cared about me,
    I never ever believed in me
    I am your tourniquet.·

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    Take your, take your, hatred out on me
    I'm not mad at me
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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    I think it's:
    "Take out, take out, enough out of me
    I know what it means
    I never ever bellieved in me
    I am your tourniquet"
    Good is the thing that you favor, evil is your sour flavor
    I don't need your hate, I decide my fate
    You cannot sedate, all the things you hate

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