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Thread: Sociopaths/Psychopaths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    I absolutely agree.

    Simply put, the pharmaceutical industry wouldn't make nearly as much money as it does if people were healthy. One thing that astonishes me is that, just out of common sense, cigarettes are identified as potentially lethal and have been proven as a significant contributing factor for development of lung or mouth cancer - but what do those in power do? They impose taxes on the government side and the pharmaceutical industry makes a killing on prevention and treatment. The whole campaign of changing how cigarettes are sold and limiting their marketing is just a publicity stunt so that the official government can say that they are doing something about it - while they actually DON'T want people to stop smoking because that would represent a huge cut in the money they make from it. And guess what - cigarettes are sold freely everywhere.

    I have nothing against smokers. Additionally, I think that cannabis should be legalized. The fact that they plan to implement taxes on e-cigarettes now in my country under the usual umbrella of customer protection, product control and the ultimate "think about your children" slogan - just makes me realize that this whole thing is NOT about helping people - it's about making money.

    That was just one example, but back to point. In the same way, people who suffer from mental disorders get pumped up with pharmaceuticals that have a 10-page list of potential side-effects plus the patients have to pay for these dearly and at same time act as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry for free. A great deal for the industry - game, set and match! Of course, patients do benefit from medication, but, yeah - someone is making a ton of money from that.

    With regard to technology - social media sites just created a need and that's how they created a market. And that is, in a nutshell, the whole strategy of successful marketing. I love technology, as long as I am the one controlling it and not the other way around.

    In conclusion, any invention and new technology can be used for both good and bad things. In the end - it's up to the people to choose.

    The problem is - people don't think!

    I quote myself here because from 2018 doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to some patients here in Denmark.... it's a good start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangri-LIE View Post
    Everyone is fucking crazy. Thread/
    Forum/? =P

    Oh wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    Humans need to stop seeing life in only "black" and "white" - The truth is often gray! ( That's how we express it here in Denmark ) - And it means that life is often more complex than any label can describe.

    People say that the wonders of technology have made life easier for the human race. That it's easier to do things today, easier to communicate, easier to organize things etc. So, if everything is so much easier - why are more and more people miserable today? Why are there more support-groups than ever before? Why are there more disorders and people suffering from those disorders?

    You could say that, well, the disorders were always there, but now people talk about them more, it's not stigmatized anymore. Well, that's true too, but to me it looks like that several other things have happened in parallel - there is huge increase in the number of people actually suffering from disorders, the number of people who now qualify for having a disorder (this is different from the former), the number of treatments for disorders and generally the number of disorders all together.

    Just to clarify something about disorders - there are people out there who actually have psychiatric conditions, a chemical imbalance in the brain - where they really need treatment and where a couple of sessions with a therapist just won't cut it. And for those people - the stigma is still there, in most people's minds these people belong in institutions. On the other side, almost everybody is "dealing" with something today. Almost everybody is stressed. Almost everybody is traumatized. And that's okay. It's okay to address emotional health and it's also very important. But "stress" in this millennium is what "anxiety" was in the 90s and "depression" was in the 80s. Just spend more than 5 minutes talking with anyone and they will mention that on this occasion or another they "suffered from stress". And that's also okay but the people who can't go through the day because of a chemical imbalance and are on tons of pills just to be able to function kind-of-okay NO, they are insane, they are sick.

    So, many people is in some kind of treatment and going through something, but technology has made life so much easier - so why are people suffering so much? Doesn't make a lot of sense. Getting the plague used to be lethal now you just take a pill for it. Most of the really nasty diseases, the kinds that wipe out half of the planet are NOT a problem anymore now people are sick in their minds. But why?

    We should be so good at communicating with each other now, right, with all these social media and smartphones and sharing of photos and videos and everything?!

    What you have as a result is a narcissistic, frustrated and utterly unhealthy species. You've got 10.000 friends on facebook? Friends? Try being offline for a year and see where these 10.000 people go. These are not your friends. Real friends are people you will call, and who will call you ( Because you trusted them enough to give them your phone-number )... and if they can't get a hold of you they will drive over and knock on your door. They are people that you have an emotional bond with, and if you haven't been in touch for 10 years and then when you see each other again it's all going to be there.
    Yup, I quote myself again because I just been more or less "offline" for a week ( just to test something ) - And I recommend everyone to do this every now and then because it's very healthy.

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