Well, I was sort of joking about Angel With the Scabbed Wings even though that's how it sounded to me at first. As for MA/Yeah, I did think that their would be some Transhuman/AI theme to it though. And I agree. I've even said that, not the Butterfly Effect, but that Manson predicted Holywood in a "Butterflies on the Wall" sort of way. And no, it wouldn't have been the same record, nor had the same impact if Columbine had not have happened. And I also believe wholeheartedly that GAOG would not have been what it was without Dita's influence. Manson has always sort of based his look on the sex appeal of the women in his life during the different era's and also the whole "Burlesque"/"Slam Dancing" shit. That was .........Dita. Though I'm not taking credit away from him.