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Thread: [29]: Aug 09 2016 - USANA Amphitheatre - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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    Looks like there's a new t shirt available. Anyone got any pics of merch?

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    Couldn't watch that video for the Dope Show instantly cringed when I heard an audience member say "we're all stars now in the dark show" sure boy, sure that is the lyrics go pass out...go home you're drunk. :P
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    Appropriately my first time stepping foot onto Utah soil was for Marilyn Manson. Thankfully my introduction to the state and city was memorable due to Marilyn Manson’s performance. A little before 7:30 PM heavy music is interrupted by rap music. Instantly the crowd appears confused and looks at one another oddly. This is the pre-introduction of the show. Once the rap music is cut out of the PA system the intensity instantly builds up. The beginning riff of Angel with The Scabbed Wings starts off the show. Following that was always the crowd pleaser Disposable Teens. Which Gil Sharone fucking nails hard! Seriously this guy hits hard, and to my knowledge he uses zero triggers! Paul Wiley is often overshadowed by Tyler Bates, but I’ve got to say I enjoy both equally. Paul has a tremendous tone that holds up without Tyler. Plus his stage presence is simply cool. Daniel Fox. That is all that can said. This mother fucker pours his guts out onstage. He bangs the drums hard, swings the keyboards, and bangs his head like no other. During Antichrist Superstar he was sporting the helmet that hasn’t been uses since the Guns, God, and Government tour. I don’t want to compare him to Pogo because that isn’t fair, but Daniel Fox is bat shit! Now everyone knows the magic that Twiggy brings to Marilyn Manson. His bass tone is like no other. It’s the significant sound of attitude that Marilyn Manson’s music delivers. The chemistry that he and Manson have constructed after all of these years continues to spread like a disease.

    Now to the person everyone wants to hear about is Manson himself. Too anyone who says that Manson has lost it probably had their ear plugs into tight because he delivered strong! Once when he sang/screamed the chorus to Angel with The Scabbed Wings you can’t help to grin. His voice has shockingly maintained strong after all these years. Now to those who argue seem to forget that Marilyn Manson has always been raw. The live performances and albums have never been overproduced or polished. They always kept that intensity of realness that is found in rock n roll. Iggy Pop, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Ozzy and Nirvana all had that rawness both album and performance. Overall Manson did great. I’m proud to say that I’ve been a fan for many years, and can’t wait to see what is stored ahead

    Complaints- USANA amphitheater might possibly be the worst amphitheater. The sound system is crap, and they don’t even have projection screens for the poor lawn fans. The wind was out of control last night resulting to eliminating the Manson 666 backdrop which delayed Sweet Dreams.

    Highlights- Marilyn Manson. Since the wind was out of control both Slipknot banners on the side of the stage had to be removed. I believe I was the only person to cheer. I paid to see Marilyn Manson, if Slipknot wants to hang their album cover do it during your set.

    Wishes- I wish Tainted Love would’ve been played with a huge screen replaying the scene of Joey Jordison.

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    Love this fuckin write-up. The weather this tour has been awful, man. The boys have been killing it. I'm glad you got to experience the great sound of Fox, Twiggs, Bates, & Wiley. It definitely brings more life to the music.

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    Best line up probably since GAOG. Funny hearing Bitch better have my money..always think I need those Manson $$$$$

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