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Thread: [01]: Jun 28 2016 - Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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    Yeah, makes me miss Pogo when I don't hear the keys in Cruci-Fiction, it really builds the song. The new guy, Daniel, he is great, and he looks like another Pogo, just the way his eyes are, moving around just like him..
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    People saying it's a "pretty solid setlist" makes me cringe. There are the same old singles, basically in the same order. It's awful. If Manson wants to play singles in its majority, so be it, but he could easily put The Nobodies, I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) and Dope Hat, for example.
    Plus. it's a SHAME he put The Pale Emperor aside. I mean, only Deep Six? REALLY??? It's wrong. It's FUCKING wrong.

    I'm gonna see him in September and yes, it's gonna be awesome, yes, I'm gonna cry, and dance, and jump, and scream and sing along to every song, but it IS a weak setlist.

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    Opening for Slipknot isn't going to give Manson much more than the slot he'd get at a European festival so it's going to be short regardless. Watch the video when he asks the audience for how many it was their first Manson show? A pretty good portion of that crowd are there because of Slipknot, so he's got to appeal to the wide audience which yes means songs people know. Anyone who hasn't seen Manson live but knows him from radio etc will probably want to hear Disposable Teens, The Dope Show, Sweet Dreams & The Beautiful People. Antichrist Superstar is an essential part of the live Manson experience, and I think opening with Cruci-Fiction into Angel with the Scabbed Wings is a great way to go after the Manson fans, but also show the Slipknot crowd songs they might not know but would appeal to them.

    So it comes down to his heaviest song from TPE, the two singles from GAOG and No Reflection. If it were a MM headline show, I'd expect more variation but the set is actually a good history of Manson past and present while focusing on a balance of his heavier rockers. He's not going to go out playing Portrait, total MA glam or TPE blues in front of a Slipknot crowd, they just wouldn't get it and the energy wouldn't be there which benefits no one.

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    pretty good recap of what's to be expected. I was hoping Love Song ,Hate Anthem, or even (s)'ain't would be included in the set, but AWTSW wins all the time live.

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    Band sounds great.

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    If anyone has a spare ticket stub they wouldn't mind sending to me, please PM me.
    I collect Manson stubs and thought it would be easier to ask attendees as the tour progresses,
    As opposed to searching for the stubs later on sites like eBay.

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