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Thread: [17]: Jul 21 2016 - Videotron Centre - Quebec, Quebec, Canada

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    I got sick at the Milwaukee show and am still recovering (upper respiratory infection). Hoping to be back on my feet by Sunday....
    Sucks the show had to be cancelled though.
    Ha - I can finally say I got Aids from Manson!
    "I'm not special, I'm just broken, and I don't wanna be fixed..."

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    Default Manson admitted to hospital.

    Sorry guys,I don't want to spread rumors or anything but the news is all over the internet now.If this turned out to be a rumor please feel free to close the topic and no question asked.I never spread rumors but this is just to update you.No official word yet or further updates from manson's managment.

    From Marilyn Manson Management: Unfortunately, Marilyn Manson had to cancel tonight's performance in Quebec due to illness. The tour continues Saturday Jul 23 in Syracuse, NY.

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