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Thread: [18]: Jul 23 2016 - Lakeview Amphitheater– Syracuse - Syracuse, New York, USA

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    Default [18]: Jul 23 2016 - Lakeview Amphitheater– Syracuse - Syracuse, New York, USA

    July 23 2016
    Venue: Lakeview Amphitheater– Syracuse
    Location: Syracuse, New York, USA

    Tickets On Sale March 4th 2016

    Members Attending:

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    Looks like this one's gonna be my first show of the tour!

    Assuming Manson himself makes it.


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    Nice to see you finally made it to a show. I'm going to see Kiss tonight here in Missouri. Maybe if he sees his super fan he might step up his game,lol. Are you planing on making the STL show?

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    Seeing some vips on instagram for tonight, no word and any further cancellations. Hope he's been saved from his afflictions

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    It seems the concert happened without any problem.

    Some pics here too, I think it's from tonight:

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    Yes, the show took place. Hopefully he's feeling better.

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    I was as worried as anyone that Manson might cancel again...but GODDAMNIT he came back STRONG!

    But first, let's set the stage.

    The Lakeview Amphitheater was just that, an amphitheater against a backdrop of a beautiful lake behind it. But whatever retarded architect decided it was a good idea to orient an outdoor stage with the seasonal sunset falling DIRECTLY behind-and-to-the-left of the performance-stage should be fucking shot. Unless you were RIGHT up front, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to see a goddamned thing with BRUTAL sunlight glaring DIRECTLY in your face for almost the entirety of Manson's set. I mean, that's EXACTLY where the sun is KNOWN to fall at PRECISELY the one time of year the venue was built to host shows at PRECISELY that time of day! WTF.

    But as soon as the sun dipped a little lower and the lights were dimmed for a minute, I hopped RIGHT over a rail into the pit and found my way up front. So it wasn't ALL bad!

    But, yeah. Footage forthcoming! I could barely see what I was shooting or even my camera's display but I did what I could. I actually shot DIRECTLY into the sun a few times just so my viewing audience will understand how difficult it was to see ANYTHING, lol.

    So of course I was SUPER bummed when I realized they cut "Deep Six" from the setlist. It would have been pretty cool to see a performance of that particular song with the sun burning SO FUCKING HOT around it. At one point I thought I was getting unexpectedly emotional and starting to cry before realizing it was just my fucking eyeballs melting out of my face like wax, ffs. The spray-on sunblock sweating down into them wasn't really helping either. And THEN all of a sudden I was hit SMACK DAB right in the face by a bag of red powder when Manson was tossing those everywhere. I hadn't sneaked into the pit yet so I was seriously at least a hundred feet away but it was such a BIG bag full of SO much powder that it had NO TROUBLE traversing the distance. So the sun, the sunblock, the sweat, and the granular powder dripping into and caking my eyeballs were fucking KILLING ME but at a certain point it was just so absurd a viewing experience that I could only grin and bear it, lol. EMBRACE THE CHAOS!

    Oh, and they cut "This is the New Shit," too. But I honestly didn't even really realize those two songs were missing till it was all over. It was a VERY fulfilling set and quite well performed, so no complaints here. Especially given the hellish climate and Manson being fresh out of the hospital and likely still very sick, it was actually a pretty damned good showing. It seems the day off worth of rest served him well. But don't take MY word for it! I'll post some videos a.s.a.p. and you can judge for yourselves. Just waiting for the HD uploads to finish!

    Lots of crazy personal drama at this show for me, too. The less said the better, but the run-in with my ex I'd been dreading was surprisingly relaxed and I'm glad we finally got to talk again for the first time in MONTHS, not to mention the fact that it happened at a Manson show just like how we met in the first place. Still breaks my heart but we're talking again and we were immediately on MUCH better terms, so that really capped the night off perfectly following a KILLER set by Slipknot. It was pretty shitty these last few months, so getting closer to being friends again all of a sudden, making some kind of peace with each other, and really just breaking the silence and finally finding common ground to communicate over again was just about the most UNEXPECTED but WHOLEHEARTEDLY WELCOME and LONG OVERDUE outcome possible. Really thought that nightmare would end in a complete shitshow last night yet I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get along and remember what it was like to just be cool with each other again. I think we both were and it's still sad but more of a happy-sad now, fwiw. I guess she thought I hated her all this time but I never could, I was just hurt pretty bad and it was kind of her fault so that was hard to deal with but it was nice to reassure that NO ONE hates her, least of all me. Just a HUGE weight off both of our shoulders after all the bullshit.

    BUT OMFG I DIGRESS. The point is that the show was awesome, Manson was great, and that it was SO COOL to be there with my besties Melissa/fukfrankie, her hotass teenage daughter (I didn't say that, HANDS-OFF, lol), and of course my eternal quasi-heterosexual lifemate Jack/j_absinthe visiting from NYC. Finally reaching some kind of closure and equilibrium with my ex just made the whole thing even more bizarrely surreal but fantastically so. It was a pretty fucking cool gathering, to say the least.

    I hate that my life's been such chaotic wreckage lately that it forced THIS to to be my first show of a tour so long underway, but I'm still glad it such a fucking AWESOME one as well as such a wonderful experience overall. Can't wait for my next! I just fucking WISH it could be sooner. As it stands now, it looks like I'll probably have to wait till St. Louis but that's cool. This was SO FUCKING EXCELLENT that I can TOTALLY deal with that without TOO much regret, at least.

    MM Show #179 = COMPLETE SUCCESS.



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    but what about two fatties on stage during the beautiful people? LMAO

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    Aw, shaddup.

    They were fucking cool as hell and right in front of me. Don't get me wrong, I still wish I'D been picked instead but they kicked ass!

    Went out of my way to track them down immediately and exchange info so they could get my footage later, too. It's messy as hell but I'm sure they'll love it! Very chill and badass chicks, they just thick too. Nothin' wrong with that!

    Glad they had such a fun night.

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