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Thread: [20]: Jul 26 2016 - Jiffy Lube Live - Bristow, Virginia, USA

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    Default [20]: Jul 26 2016 - Jiffy Lube Live - Bristow, Virginia, USA

    July 26 2016
    Venue: Jiffy Lube Live
    Location: Bristow, Virginia, USA

    Tickets On Sale March 4th 2016

    Members Attending:
    • Lillith

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    I gave Marilyn Manson AIDS.

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    i'll be there

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    A bit of The Dope Show. I guess it was hot last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrieltoxic View Post
    A bit of The Dope Show. I guess it was hot last night.
    Oh, how I missed his legs...

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    Any one know what the set was?

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    Saw a small clip of Third Day being played. I can give the update after tonight's show. Leaving shortly.

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    Hello! Made an account just to post here - pretty sure I used to have one years ago and was on the other various Manson-related forums back in the day. But anyway I'll try to recount what I can - my memory sucks and the night was one fun blur. Setlist was pretty generic and what's been played at most shows so far:

    Angel With The Scabbed Wings
    Disposable Teens
    No Reflection
    Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge
    The Dope Show
    Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    Sweet Dreams
    Antichrist Superstar
    Beautiful People

    As evident in the video above - Manson did drop his pants and molest himself for a bit much to the delight of the audience. Well, some. I heard a few "What the fuck?" from people. Someone was happy to get the towel he rubbed on his crotch, though. Straight from the beginning of the show he was cutting himself with broken beer bottles. The powder stuff he's been using was tossed out in the crowd.

    He started The Dope Show off by saying he wasn't admitted to the hospital due to a drug overdose because he didn't have enough drugs, so that's why he's in Virginia - to get more. He played the sax before Mobscene and said some stuff about Twiggy playing violin, but he doesn't have a violin. And Manson doesn't have a saxophone and we came to see the mobscene. He performed most of The Beautiful People down at the front row but he didn't do anything like run up to the soundboard like at some shows. Looked like he was making out with Twiggy at one point, but could've just been the angle of his head. During Antichrist Superstar when he pulled out the bible that's supposed to be on fire, it didn't work (worked when he walked out with it). So he threw it off to the side and yelled "fuck you, fuck you" to the techs behind the podium. When the curtain first dropped, it got stuck on Manson's head which was kind of funny.

    I realize that's a whole clusterfuck of rambling. I was trying to remember highlights of the show (aside from the obvious music). I've seen Manson numerous times since 2001. Last time I saw him was in 2009 - and his performance then was... okay, sort of. The EM,DM era stuff was a trainwreck. Now all that aside - this show was fantastic. It doesn't quite touch the olden days, but all things taken into consideration, it was very much on point. His voice sounded great on most songs, don't recall any lyrical fuckups, he had energy, there were some theatrics, etc. Only thing I kind of missed was his ramblings between songs, but I think a lot of that was due to time constraints. My wife even liked him live this time to the point where she bought the same shirt as me (Baphomet/Bigger Than Satan). Also looks like he lost a bit of weight. If he keeps up performing like this and doing shows at this level again, I'd gladly go back and see him without fear of it being a mess.

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    Manson in shorts - Nice!
    Now lets hope he puts up a few merch shorts.
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