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Thread: Hitler was Right! He's like the Nostradamus!

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    Default Hitler was Right! He's like the Nostradamus!

    I think I'll burn my history books for this.. It's all lies!

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    I just want my wasted 6 minutes and a half back, please.

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    How does Hitler saying some vague, almost self-evident stuff about capitalism, then rambling about Jews and Churchill, make him Nostradamus? Oh ... you mean that Hitler was full of shit just like Nostradamus? Gotcha.

    Still, hell of an orator. Wipes the floor with anyone around today in terms of charisma.

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    He's right about some of that, yeah. But a lot of what he's saying is strictly circumstancial. It doesn't matter about your religion or race, a greedy asshole is a greedy asshole. He was too obsessed with the whole jewish thing. Jews aren't the problem. Greed and narcissism are. Hitler suffered from that the same as the jews he was talking smack about.
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    If he didn't have the whole jew thing going he would have been like Kennedy. Just saying.

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    When I heard him talking I was like "Kill yourself" and then I thought "Oh, yeah, you did!"
    "We were too dumb to run, too dead to die."

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