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Thread: Forgotten.

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    Default Forgotten.

    My dreams have taken on new shapes
    Premonitions if only theories
    New effigies of mystery
    and premeditated murder.

    Last night I was back at his house
    He never lets me go, until midnight birds call
    I'm the server to his harbored whores
    Lady Liberty in chains.

    Screams courage between the sheets
    And his emotional spouses, bipolar rape
    That strange hatred tearing pages
    From my sketch of future embraces
    My parables of prophecy and races.

    Love is like this--she says--she has
    His unborn destiny, dangling from her
    like a talisman from her fingers
    his hand measuring, lingers
    brutally....over everything.

    She's weeping bitterly,
    they'll reap her words remaining
    like fields of flame, naming
    her blamed empire the same
    as his fractured stories.

    This revolution scorned
    The thief dances on airtight lines
    This way to Kingston- he cried
    before the wards and sartorial
    canons recited their memories.

    Our kingdoms coming, High
    a cocaine coma white priestess
    Under the soma skies a horizon
    she whispered those lovers
    of our minds. We're leaving them...
    And their petty bright wonders....

    under an opalescent sky.

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    I beg you to murder the last piece of me,
    instead you breathe life to what I lost or had forgotten
    Every poem I wrote to my lover was misquoted
    and I don't want to make you rotten.

    whispers, trailing the hill, fire burning, a witch laughs
    tips her head and gets drunk off her ass. She wore a gown
    was a hero before she drowned, in her wicked dreams
    of everlasting peace, and an immortal power, one that meant
    more. He wore the king's crown, all the kids have grown.

    Stop. Don't look away from the light, close your eyes and blink
    all those dreams will fall, like teardrops from the highest heights
    and I won't be afraid, as the black turns itself white. I will
    carry myself until love pulls me under, sheets of light.

    The colors don't scare me. It's their fantasy. They're assumed identities.
    People don't scare me, just the faces they wear to enchant messengers,
    as they cover their ears to the sound of muted frequency of angels,
    Nothing has changed me, I'm floating forever, missing you

    Wishing it was true.

    in this ocean of suspended animation
    on a ship to nowhere in a corruptible nation
    I broke his curse, and shards of that mirror
    followed me home. I wanted to reverse the lies
    and turn his heart to stone.

    falling on the dead girl in the sun
    whose soul leaps out of her
    and chases the lions and they run

    they follow her down the drain
    tailing dreams like dragons through wires
    and the bright in human sight
    fire enough for an empire
    objects illuminated

    under a pale pink night
    the chaotic adventure
    turned dull and gray like an alien


    curtailed to sit idly
    as the sweet soothsayer
    patiently sleeps behind a smile
    and dreams of another day to wake
    and love once more.

    words don't matter
    to the dead tree leaves
    she's sleeping under
    but men mold chaos to rhyme
    with sirens, unfold time
    and then break upon the rocks
    like silver specks

    waves break bones
    bones aren't shields
    bodies are weapons

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    Freedom never came easy
    I do not want to go back only maybe
    where the sun never sets
    On the horizon of tomorrow
    and the stopwatch wives
    smile in plasticine; living sinfully
    Spending their dignitaries
    To appear happy and clean
    wrapped in plastic like mail ordered
    brides strapped to a gurney taken
    for what's inside; thirteen stitches
    In my brain because I'm insane
    for believing in
    the naked scarlet star light
    lobotomized to stare like a stone
    Facing stark bearings, alone, forsaken
    By their infinite embrace, unknown.

    Broken and shattered with nothing inside
    But a belief and hope that love would
    drown while they crown a king anything
    In a kingdom upside down
    Into the quick sand she dives
    Into the underworld of man

    singing and dying with the dreamers
    spinning like a marionette
    He shakes when alone, shivers...
    it's all about to change you see
    You're still not used to these
    New revelations.

    Would that be a surprise to you
    If everyone was a piece
    It was a faultless admission
    About the human condition
    I was never one to spell out my words
    With conviction.

    and a one sided bar coded destiny
    schizophrenia and false prophecies
    Brainwashed, bleeding through the wires
    in a world on fire.

    Id love to break you I want to make you
    Into some body...any body...never mind
    Maybe there's no one here but me
    The clones are assembling
    The drones are flying
    and I'm being sabotaged

    Moms taking painkillers for a tooth ache
    talking to people in her brain who
    won't break her down and all the people she knew
    In another life a different one.
    And all these insane moments
    My ultra violent memories for a vacancy
    I broke the mirrors so you couldn't look at them
    again and then I wrote your name over
    These skies and then I got high
    Pretending I loved you when...then again

    The rest of us pretended we were sleeping in
    Where our truths like sorrows rained
    Under the glory of what they knew, evidences
    About me, I saw him over you
    As my mother wept quietly like mothers do
    Hanging around twilight mad lovers kissing
    Under the microscope of a macro cosmic meaning
    the siren is calling us back

    Blowing wishes into the clouds
    I remember the cold storms I dared myself
    When all the clocks reversed their motions
    We were each other to stare into them
    a strange phantasm was looking back
    as the posies unfolded to the stop-watch
    keepers and nothing else is here
    But a creeper to condemn
    Her hidden confessionals.

    So stop hanging around that evil twin
    Leaving me in this cathedral of sin
    On this haunted throne ethereal
    I hate being alone she said
    I've refused to bow to the lies in their heads
    I just wanted to say love is a serial killer
    But your lies burn like acid as a filler.

    freedom meant osmosis I've made a career
    Of pain, all these paths leading
    her to a better prognosis, because
    I made my psychosis into an art
    an alternative to a broken heart
    As If I was ever falling apart

    The kisses, can't breathe, three wishes
    This strangest feeling a faded reflection
    As if understanding were a contagion
    As if I were cursed for loving some one
    stop whispering. You believed in nothing
    And I believed that truth was
    a weapon and a shield, but I just
    lied again.

    She gazed across the teardrop waterfalls
    as a million rain drops disappeared
    In a matrix of sciences, in this epic tragedy
    The weather man he feared, then he cried
    In awe at the awesomeness of insanity
    of a dream that ended with a girl who
    Hated the pain of this human reality
    And a ride on a big jet plane

    As this house of cards is falling
    dancer in the dark now spun
    I've lost my mind for the ghost, an obscene....
    breaking down in her blue paradise
    I am only inventing things to scare me
    I was born under the screen l was sacrificed
    Fed false truths, my scars disguised
    My inspiration and device
    I can travel beyond a simple reversal.

    In the company he supervised
    stranger than universal
    we were plastered to master
    infinite disasters, as punk bastards
    and crushed beneath false lights
    As she set aflame the world in her eyes
    and we watched it burn in enmity
    Without a feeling of compromise
    we had confidence, eloquent faith

    Those dimensions of possibly
    the playground of inventions so bright
    Just as his words meant so much in jest
    So must passion bring me to life
    In this lonely imagination
    This play ground full of knives...

    And Pandora killed that awful clown
    But made jack laugh in his emerald gown.
    Who was the inspiration for a revolution
    Through waves of mutilation and
    mission bells ringing in the new order

    everything there was supposed to surprise
    we were mastered to be undermined
    By their bastardized advice
    I always dreamed of holding up the skies
    She whispers to me, “I miss the ocean”
    Kissing everyone with poisonous lips

    voices echoing, "I'm sad," he says, "goodbye"
    The spell is undone, we've come undone
    woken up from the indoctrinated dreams
    Realizing the fool it made of me
    Of us of, every body, we were so
    Godly and brave as we brace for impact
    In the 21st century, will we ever come back?

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    Don't bother her, she's sleeping
    in the moon of rooms that meant a lot
    to the show, the comical convey of people
    lost in the snow under their boots
    looking for a new pollution to consume
    their vacant empty minds
    with designer lines, conditions
    that were pre-destined
    to drown them with the pessimistic rhymes
    that make us lullabies
    because she survived only to be sung
    like some lonely portrait, hung
    like a dead prophet from the dead end
    prophecies that meant nothing
    to you or me, or your family forever lost
    in endless enmity, selfish parasol of lies
    under carnival lights, just lies
    lie till you die, liar. Your world
    on fire, was once an empire now an ocean
    of drowning memories, I threw his story
    into history.

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    You're empty and narrow, defeating and depleting
    deaf and numb, a shallow son
    You mean nothing you say, and said nothing
    You're the lie that is dependent on a joke
    that no one believed in, a dream upside down
    a naked emperor without a crown
    a garland noose around your neck, affected
    schizophrenia, maniac, slave to a line
    in the dirt, that was never determined to set
    the pace or state of disgrace you live in
    a catch, a matrix of effigies that lost humanity
    because I freed them from the cell
    the one you know all too well, as you cower
    because the crystal tower, build walls
    around your cathedral of nothing and absolution
    because I love you, and you are gone.

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    Your writing is very adventurous ! It has felt episodic lately too. Please take care & keep at it : ) (23)
    "Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themself" -Philip K. Dick

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