Born Villain has a fantastic opener. Hey, Cruel world is actually one of my favourite openers he has. but it falls flat there after for me. The album for me is just too slow... it drags on. too many intros (with no intro... just a sound or repetitive sound) and too much talking. it works in isolation but for 70% of the album? thats too much. It does have a fabulous song (Overneath) which is experimental and interesting and one of my favourite Manson songs (although it also takes a minute to start!!!! at least when it starts, it starts with an oomph though)

Too many songs take far too long to start. And not in a good way. its a boring intro.... before the song starts.. and too many times he just talks rather than singing:

1. Pistol Whipped. 50 seconds to get an instrument. boring sound... only to get into a really slow and repetitive song. (also dont really like the lyrics...)
2. The Gardener - talking and repetitive sound until 1.30 before music finally kicks in. Decent song just another long time to get to music.
3. Flowers of Evil - 1 minute to get to music and not exactly interesting wait. 1.15 to get to lyrics. then he is sort of just talking again. finally the song kicks in at 2.30 (which is actually very good)
4. Children of Cain - 30 seconds to finally get to the song.... talks pretty much through it all. decent enough melody but just drags.
5. Lay down your arms - 23 seconds to get started... and starts with him talking again. doesn't really kick in until 1.10 minute in when he finally sings and a melody kicks in.
6. Born Villain - starts faster but talks rather than singing for 1 minute. Love the song though.
7. Overneath - 1 minute to start (at least it has some Oscar Wilde at the start)

It does work on one song though:

1. Breaking the same old ground - takes 30 seconds to start... BUT... ITS INTERESTING waiting at least. something to listen to. The song itself is brilliant though. I really like it. and the China Girl "shhhh"

The rest of the songs are a mixed bag.

1. No Reflection is like another attempt at the horrible Armageddon. the sound is too soft for a song that is sort of trying to be heavy. I dont like his voice in it much either. its sounds like its trying to be mainstream but fails.
2. Slow Motion - Its quite good but feels like a boring version of Mechanical Animals. but at least it starts sooner than the other songs so its actually not one I will skip.
3. Disengaged -
4. Murderers - Great song to be honest. He has done it before of course in the early days but it actually works for me. its actually HARD and reminds me of Astonishimg Panorama of the endtimes. doesn't match it but actually comes pretty close
5. Disengaged - its fine. its heavy in parts but doesn't feel like its trying too hard. not something I listen to much though.