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Thread: Retrospective: The High End Of Low

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    Brawndo lol

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    Bumps encourage bumps...

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    I can't believe this album has been out for more than 10 years now. I still remember listening to it and finding new info about tracks, new snippets, leaks, reading boards. Then of course listening to it for the first time from start to finish. I was so hyped to know what Twiggy and Manson would come up with now that they were back together and calling it "very heavy, very ruthless" or something like that. Some of the songs do sound like what I imagined they'd come up with but at the same time I feel like he just wanted to get out of his contract with Interscope. Some of the lyrics here are way too corny or silly and it's probably why I don't enjoy it that much anymore. I loved it at first, then I was embarrassed about it, but years later I've learned to appreciate it more, just like Eat Me Drink Me.

    Devour and Into The Fire are still my favorites, along with other really good tracks like We're From America, I Have To Look Up, Four Rusted Horses, and Leave A Scar. Some others that grew on me like WOW, Wight Spider and Pretty as a Swastika. Overall a very enjoyable Manson album but can see why it got so much hate back then. Nice to see so many good comments about it now.

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    I have always liked theol very much. My expectations were sky high with the return of twiggy but unfortunately they were not completely met. This is mostly due to the unpolished production values it somehow sounds like it was recorded in a garage or something which is a real shame since the songs are so good. My favorites are 1. Leave a scar 2. fifteen 3. into the fire 4. I want to kill you like they do in the movies 5. Wight spider. I remember that I was not in a good state of mind at the time of release and could relate with a lot of these songs.
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    HEOL is an interesting album. I loved the visuals and film references. the photoshoots etc. in saying that it was far too long. too many songs. too many different styles. however what I did like was the fact he experimented a bit.

    1. Were from America - Punk? Manson doing punk... ok this is interesting. Reminded me of Queen doing "Sheer Heart Attack"
    2. Into the fire - Piano... god I love the intro. the piano really surprised me and I loved the fact he was doing this.
    3. 15 - This reminded me of a Nine Inch Nails Track. it also felt positive (something he usually isn't... but we are chaos has that vibe). again very different!
    4. Wow - This is basically Bowie "Low" album type experimentation except its really bad.
    5. I want to kill you - I love this song. Its what his previous song "Mind of a Lunatic" was trying to do. long and cool.... and then Saturnalia was his final attempt at the same. lovely centrepiece.
    6. Blank and white - very Rolling Stones like. quite different in my opinion.

    So a third of the album was experimental (which also meant it was very disjointed).

    there was also some awful songs though:
    1. Leave a scar (boring topic and cheesy)
    2. Arma-godd (Awful. so repetitive, so soulless and cringeworthy lyrics)

    The other songs are strong however the theme of self-pity for a guy who clearly treats his women so badly is boring and tired, especially after EMDM... I hoped he had got it out with that album but he hadn't clearly.

    The album is raw, experimental, and I quite like that about it. I dont like the lyrics in a lot of places and the self pity but I listen to it a lot accepting its many flaws. Listen to it more than EMDM. more than GAOG. More than BV. more than HUD. Its at least genuine.

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    This album has become one of my favorite MM albums, period. Funny how that works.

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