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Thread: Marilyn Manson and Killstar collaboration launching in October

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    ^ Holy shit yes.

    Or should I say, yaaaaaaaaass that is SO my bae kylie.

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    The video is spot on and hilarious. As for the featuring of a Manson shirt, I have noticed in the past year that Manson shirts have rapidly become the staple 'basic bitch' go-to item, replacing the Nirvana smiley shirt that teenagers trying to be edgy have worn for years and years. It's bummed me out on a couple of occasions, because I'll see a pretty girl rocking a Manson shirt, feel like I've discovered a fellow fan, strike up a conversation, flirt a bit, only to realize that she doesn't even know what The Beautiful People is.

    Whether you consider it a good or a bad thing for Manson is an interesting thing to think about.
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    I think the shirts are worn because he is a Icon. Representing Pop, Rock, Rebellion, and Beauty.
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    It's always gonna happen, just the nature of the beast. Fame is a fickle friend.
    A system organized around the weakest qualities of individuals will produce these same qualities in its leaders.

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    It's a silly thing to get upset about.

    Unless they're bootlegs it's still money in Manson's coffers to bring us more art, it keeps his name and image visibly alive, and one point we've ALL been fans of something without much of a knowledge base about it yet, Manson included.

    And if you strike up a conversation with a pretty girl who's cool enough to wear a Manson shirt and talk with you out of nowhere while dealing with your advances and you STILL let yourself get tripped-up by the fact that you have SO MUCH to teach her and that it doesn't really matter anyway then ur doin it rong, lol.


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    Seems more of a North American phenomenon. Manson shirts out and about are uncommon, and very much not all that cool in terms of what band t-shirts to wear as your statement. Everyone has fishnets and are basic, but edgy is deeply uncool. Unless you are in fact channelling a particuary unedgy, edgy er, real edgey edge. Or something. Hipster is now so mainstream here that it is a major faux pas to wear anything that isn't so obscure as to only have been heard of by one other person. On Mars. All Manson will get you is semi-derision for your overly American music references, or random older strangers going, 'is that Marilyn??'. Uh.

    But I guess at least you can pretty much guarantee that whoever is wearing merch, probably acquired it by being a fan of some sort.
    Quid ignorantia sit multi ignorant.

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    I'm 35 no. I'm still a "weirdo". But no.

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    Not going to pretend I didn't buy the hooded shock symbol fur hooker coat on sale .....or the knee socks..... that coat is warm and cozy - wonderful edition to my hooker coat collection :)

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