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Thread: Evan Rachel Wood Discusses "Westworld" & Marilyn Manson with "Rolling Stone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Overman View Post
    I'm not terribly interested in the tabloid gossip side of Manson's career, but I don't have much sympathy for him with regards to his love life. He's responsible not just for the dissolution of his marriage (nobody forced him to try to seduce ERW), but also for the break-up with Rose McGowan - as I understand it, he'd basically been pursuing a tryst with Dita back when he was still with Rose, through Dita's modeling site.

    If I were a girl of a certain social status, I'd run far, far away if Marilyn Manson ever began pursuing me romantically.

    My "favorite" of his girlfriends, to the extent I think about such things, has always been Missi. She seems like a sweet girl. And she had a homespun gothy style in the photographs I've seen of her that I really dig.

    Anyway, I don't like Evan Rachel Wood, but nothing she said here seems objectionable.
    Personally I'd never heard of any of his girlfriends before he got with them but they suddenly seemed to be popping up everywhere soon afterwards, so dating him seems to be a great career move, but it could just be because I'm not American and/or never had any reason to pay attention to the names before the Manson association!

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    I am glad she got out of the relationship with the rapist.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    I wouldn't exactly call it "a great career movie." Missi's really the only gf Manson's had who hadn't really already made a name for herself on the world stage before they dated. She and Lindsay are the only two with whom I was unfamiliar at the outset. But then again I love movies, pin-up/burlesque, porn, etc.

    That said, any artist coupling with another artist is always a good thing and if either garners more exposure for the other then all the better!

    And don't forget that lots of these women basically put their own careers on hold for months and months and months at a time to be with Manson on tour.

    Quote Originally Posted by Celebrity Killing Spree View Post
    I really used to like her but I tend to turn off when world famous artists go all activist. Some people called her a whore because she was young sexy as hell and had twice as many people to fuck. I wish I was that oppressed. She definitely understands the victims of the horrific, senseless murders in Orlando just a little more than most people, clearly.
    I also wouldn't say she "went all activist." There was a MASSIVE tragedy that targeted people like her so she participated in a video and gave a few interviews about it to help support people without hope and to educate the ignorant.

    If you have a platform for expression then you use it. That's just part of being an artist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dipp Six View Post
    Am I the only one who doesn't care about Manson's love life at all?

    Just keep the good music
    Manson's love life has always been a FOCUS of his music.

    The two go hand in hand.

    And if she were MY gf then I'D make sure the whole goddamned world knew it, too!

    How anyone could NOT love this girl is beyond me...

    <3 <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoureAlreadyHere View Post
    I am glad she got out of the relationship with the rapist.
    Me too. Was this Manson, tho?

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    Seems ridiculous to assert that she'd step into the middle of a divorce, then get engaged to the guy, split up, and then got engaged to the same guy again ...but who knows, I guess.

    I feel like we're entering NONE OF OUR BUSINESS territory again.


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    Always thought ERW was a little twit, and all these Manson questions shes fielding lately make me dislike her even more. I'm not buying her new PR strategy.

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    Because YOU see through it all and ur SO fucking cool, lol.

    I mean, yeah, she broke Manson's heart and kinda fucked him over but she was a kid and it's w/e, shit happens. They sure as hell had a good run, fwiw. She's obviously insanely gorgeous and talented and cool af and it is what it is.

    That said, she's a mother and a wife with some AMAZING credentials and if you think she's deliberately profiteering off her past associations at this point than you're really just being ridiculous. She has her own life, career, and accolades and if someone asks about Manson I'm sure it's fine but it's hardly a fucking PR strategy, ffs.


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    She is really great on Westworld. This is the first project that I have been into that she has been affiliated with.
    Oh. I forget. I liked her acting a lot in HBO's Mildred Pierce as well, she is great at times. I just like to give credit when it is founded.
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