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Thread: Am I Hearing Things...

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    Default Am I Hearing Things...

    Or do these two songs sound similar to you?

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    It's a very nice comparison. I first heard Tom Waits when I was very young, probably about six or seven years old, but didn't really 'discover' who he was or what he does until I read an interview with Marilyn Manson.
    According to Kerrang! in 2000, a Mellotron Manson owns (and presumably the one featured on each of the Triptych records) was previously Waits' property.

    Not that it really matters, but I felt even at this point there were similarities between them, despite Manson having not yet fully engaged his Southern Voo-Doo vibe. Waits though, has always been sort-of a go-to card of cool for people who consider their tastes edgy or obscure, and very often not the sort of people who see merit in Manson's work. Nonetheless, the link and inspiration has clearly always been there. Similarly, records like the one you posted get all this praise and acclaim for being deliberately lo-fi, rough-and-ready Americana, but then Manson does the same on EAT ME, DRINK ME or The High End Of Low and people whinge about production values.

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    Twang in waits reminds me of rowland s howard more than anything.

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    The drum beat sounds similar, but I don't hear any other similarities.

    Lady Gaga's latest song "Diamond Heart" kind of reminds me of The Devil Beneath My Feet, it's really awesome.

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    I mean, there are only so many basic drumbeats in the world (hence, the lack of copyrights for them) and pretty much every southern-edged, rough-around-the-edges, R&B-infused rock song is going to share stylistic similarities with any other of its kin, regardless of their disparity.

    That said, Manson's definitely mentioned listening to Waits before.

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    There are parts of Real Gone that are echoed really nicely in The Pale Emperor, and it is notable because it is the one album of Waits that so notably does not have a piano in it. It is all mostly percussion and some guitar, which is something I would more normally associate with Manson. But this particular sound is really specific to this one album of Waits. Whether or not Manson picked up part of that stripped back sound, I don't know, but even if he did he's used it in that particularly Manson way - playfully and with a far smoother and eerie effect with catchier hooks. Also, most importantly, Pale Emperor is tighter and doesn't have an eleven minute rambling song that is impossible to get through.

    On a side note, a friend who is a giant fan of Waits once said to me that Manson sounds like 'a normal human voice slowly breaking itself down to where Tom Waits lives.' I think they meant it as a compliment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UsernameInvalid View Post
    The drum beat sounds similar, but I don't hear any other similarities.

    Lady Gaga's latest song "Diamond Heart" kind of reminds me of The Devil Beneath My Feet, it's really awesome.
    You're ridiculous for thinking that.

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