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Thread: Daniel Fox?

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    Default Daniel Fox?

    I am seeing Lil Dan listed as a live member.

    This is intriguing because he used to play in Psyclon Nine and Mushroomhead, which is a local band for me. Used to see him around the studio across the street now and then (this was back in 2007 when MRH was promoting Savior Sorrow). Then I heard rumors he was Manson's drum tech. Now he's an official member? I would like more info if anyone has it. Good on him.

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    He's been playing with Manson for some time now. Last August Manson referred to him as "my keyboardist and percussionist". Seems to be an energetic and competent member, I hope we get to see more.


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    well, he was officially revealed during "The End Times" tour, but he played keyboards even sooner, probably as a replacement for Tyler; there's actually a footage of him during ROR 2015, but he was hidden behind some scenery.

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    Member when Manson didn't switch band members every tour? Member when the members of the band were actually band members who wrote albums instead of just touring hired guns? But most importantly - member when bands used to have official, pro photo shoots with the members?

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    I ask him in instagram about his time in manson cause I saw he is gonna be touring with dope this year, it seems he is gonna be touring with dope and then with manson:

    arkahno_13: That means you are not gonna be part of the next part of the Manson tour?
    danielfoxdrums216@arkahno_13: As long as Manson keeps me around, I'm there! i always play for Dope in between MM tours.

    BTW I love him in MM, he is totally awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixMastahTee View Post
    Member when Manson didn't switch band members every tour? Member when the members of the band were actually band members who wrote albums instead of just touring hired guns? But most importantly - member when bands used to have official, pro photo shoots with the members?
    Coat-tailin' off that shit: Whatever gets Manson somewhat within range of an actual band again. The guy obviously hasn't fancied deep inner circles in terms of the grand operation in many years, but it'd be good for him. Get some here-and-there input and all. Let some people in, let some credit go out. It'd show and show well. Twiggy and Bates writing music together? Damn would that be something to behold. But fuck it, let Wiley and Fox in the writing room too. I've never heard anything either of them have been directly involved with, but why not? Maybe something cool would come of it simply via variety, and more noodles to bang thoughts between. Zim Zum was an unknown before and a forgotten after and wrote a bunch of MA afterall.

    If you kind of think about it, the recording of PE up until now has been the longest Manson has kept the same general lineup in a long time, in a sense. Bates is an odd phenomenon but still.

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    "South Park" references be damned, it's a silly point to make, especially in this context.

    Even the Spooky Kids line-up was ever-changing.

    And by the time Marilyn Manson hit the national stage they already had a new guy replacing the bassist from the album that tour supported. Which they re-recorded most of because they were dissatisfied with the original producer, btw. Then they "fired" the drummer and replaced him with another new guy before that touring cycle was even finished. Then they fired the original lead guitarist and had a bunch of studio musicians replace him for most of the second album. Then they hired a live guitarist and wrote a third album with him but fired him and had a session guy re-record some of his stuff and replace him before the tour even started. Then they wrote an album with the new guy but the bassist/songwriter/guitarist left and they replaced him with a new bassist for the next one. Then the drummer was injured so they temporarily replaced him with new one. Then they got a fill-in live guitarist. Then the keyboardist left so the new drummer became the new keyboardist and the old drummer came back because he was in good health again. Then they got a new live bassist because the live bassist/songwriter got promoted to lead guitarist. Then they fired the new lead guitarist/songwriter so the old bassist/songwriter would come back. Then the old bassist/songwriter wanted to play guitar so the replacement live-bassist became the new live-guitarist. Then the old drummer left so they got a replacement live drummer. Then the live guitarist/songwriter wanted to go back to bass so the latest live bassist left to make room for him. Then the band got a new lead guitarist/songwriter, a live rhythm guitarist/occasional lead, and a new drummer.

    Annnnd then an awesome drum-tech for the last couple drummers was promoted to live keyboardist and later to live secondary-drums as well.


    My point here is that Manson's only rarely had the same line-up for more than a few minutes (we're basically talking late '98 to '01 as the longest consecutive stretch, and that's being generous since J5 didn't really WRITE anything with the band till mid '99) so you're yearning for a time that barely ever even existed if that's what you're looking for from Manson. Basically, Holy Wood... and the GGG tour was the only time Manson had the same band for nearly three years. Which was great! But so were several other time periods with completely fluid definitions of the world "band." Plus, this isn't really the place to complain about it anyway.

    Daniel Fox is an awesome guy who earned a massive promotion and really it's just cool that Manson has a real live keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist onstage again for the first time since Vrenna in '09 and Pogo before him in '04. I don't really think that we as fans should be shitting on that in a thread celebrating the inclusion of great new bandmate. Really getting into misguided/wet-blanket territory there.

    And LOL at the idea that pro-shot pictures of any given line-up would be "most important" above their contributions to the band as a whole.



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    I'm 3/4 dick in to my partner James Beam, but I did read the TLDR version.

    The Manson Show has had little organic fluidity in terms of input since GAOG, with most albums since being out and out two maybe three-man enterprises. A lightspeed-fast rotation of lineups has always been a staple of Manson's work, and it's allowed for some incredible tunes and stylistic shifts around those tunes. What I was getting at was the sort of 'hired gun' thing. It appears that very little 'trust' is put into new members, with focus instead being placed into what I'll call strategy, which can be quite creatively isolating and constricting. New guys seem to be greenhorns who Manson gives nuggies to, whereas years ago if you happened to be playing in the band, you were in the fucking band, more or less. Who knows what Sablan could've written for BV if given the space, for example. I think that, right now, at this moment, what Manson's got kinda feels like a real solid 'band,' in a much larger sense than what we've seen in a number of years. Wiley and Fox played the entirety of the last tour, maybe they could've contributed some cool shit, who knows?

    But yeah, pats on the back and drinks all around to Fox. He really is a great performer, and he fits damn well.

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    Hey, sorry...just for the record I was responding exclusively to MMT's post up there, I hadn't seen yours yet.

    Anyway, unless I'm mistaken Twiggy & Tyler & Gil are all confirmed for the new album, so obviously it would be awesome if we could get some Wiley/Fox action in on it too. No argument there!

    (That's officially my new nickname for the two of them, lol.)

    I talked to Wiley about some of the bands he was in while we both lived in Chicago and recognized a few of the names but never actually caught any of them live, sadly. However, I did see Fox play with DOPE twice in early 2015 and he was of course awesome. Make no mistake, I'd LOVE to see all the guys get together in the studio, too. I was just making the point that it's hardly to be expected here.

    That said, it really IS a hell of a line-up at the moment. A keyboardist/second-drummer AND a lead/rhythm guitarist pairing plus the rest of the gang?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    I did see Fox play with DOPE twice in early 2015 and he was of course awesome.
    He was in DOPE? No way, I saw them in may 2015, and didn't even notice he was playing. Was a real throwback line up, DOPE, Soil and Coal Chamber

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