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Thread: Other Manson "Fans"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    Well, that's probably because, half-assed fan or not, he's obviously a retarded fucking asshole.
    Hahah, yeah I agree. He actually got way too deep into acid and became a burned out mega hippie. The fucker also tried to take me down that route as well, always citing to me the "spiritual benefits" of taking LSD and awakening my third eye to the universe. Uh no thanks, I'll stick to weed and lucid rationality. I can comprehend the universe just fine without drug fueled delusions filling the gaps.

    I also just remembered I had another friend who liked Manson's music, but was disgusted by him wearing a corset and being partially nude on stage. We were 15 when I made him watch the Guns God and Government DVD with me, it was amusing how grossed out he was. Total homophobe, probably turned out gayer than I am.
    His face when Manson rode his ass up and down that mic stand though lol

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    I have had close friends online who are Manson fans, both male and female, since we share a lot of the same esoteric interests. I have also never had any problems or rudeness from any that I have met randomly at the shows. In everyday life, I have only met maybe two Manson fans out of tons of metal, goth and alternative music fans and even between all of those, all are surprised at my being a Manson fan and find it very unlike me.

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    I'd be rather lucky to meet any actual Marilyn Manson fans in real life these days.

    As for the few fans I've met before, some of them inevitably had their stopping points around Holy Wood or The Golden Age of Grotesque. However, I also saw some fans that also appreciated Eat Me, Drink Me and The High End of Low, but since then, I have not ever spoke to, nor encountered other Mansonites, so I can't really talk about what they might've thought about Born Villain and The Pale Emperor.

    I'm sure this is also due to not having met so many other fans in real life, but they seemed just moved on to something else, and live and let live as opposed to complaining about Marilyn Manson and critiquing him every which way. On the other hand, forums are usually were the largest fans are, so of course it's going to be a completely different dynamic altogether, and for all I know, some of those fans were also casual fans.

    But as of now, I just learned more and more to just not mind it so much. Marilyn Manson is one of those musicians that's often a hit or miss anyway.

    I also totally disagree with the whole mentality/sentiment of only being supposed to have favorite albums with in the Triptych. However, I can certainly also still see as to how and why those albums are always deemed to be his best albums of all time, ever, and will obviously be perceived and lauded as such for the rest of his career/life. (And rightfully so.)

    But yes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your fandom if your favorite MM album(s) happened to have become released after Holy Wood. Considering not only the songs themselves, but the visuals/videos and concepts, it makes even more sense that some fans will have some favorites beyond the Triptych. Not to mention the fact that there are still lots of MM fans out there.

    Aside from that, I don't have that much else to say about other Manson "fans" for now. But should I meet them, I'd most definitely be happy to point them this way, as well as have a real life discussion about MM with them too. (No matter which albums they like or dislike for that matter.)
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    Never formally met any fans, but I've gotten a lot of compliments on my Eat Me, Drink Me shirt...most recently the guy who works at my college store asked me why SAY10 didn't come out cause he had recently watched that Teens React video.

    Not capitalizing on that momentum to potentially bring in new fans/never correcting himself and giving a new date was...perplexing to say the least. Now anyone who was curious after watching that video will have forgotten or doesn't care.
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