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    I actually got into Wang Chung through Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    And after listening to Everybody Have Fun Tonight and Dance Hall Days, I started to check out Wang Chung by getting Mosaic and then Points on the Curve and ended rather satisfied with both albums. I also figured that I'd also get The Warmer Side of Cool and Orchesography and just take it from there. It also actually turns out that Wang Chung is still active and touring.

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    Down, but not out.
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    I also didn't realize just how famous and popular Wang Chung was as they were also referenced in a lot more TV shows and movies than I expected.

    I also loved their re-makes of Everybody Have Fun Tonight and Dance Hall Days on Orchesography.

    I also think it's a shame that Wang Chung didn't get any larger in the 1990s, as this was the direction they were headed in with Praying To a New God and Space Junk.

    This interview Wang Chung had last year also reveals how they've been doing and how much they'd embraced their success as well as how they've reacted to their hits. It turns out that some of the guitar parts of Dance Hall Days were made by accident and that Everybody Have Fun Tonight played at a pizzeria that Jack Hues was ordering pizza at. He was tempted to admit that he wrote that song, but didn't want to risk the chance of getting kicked out, so he just kept it to himself.

    But anyway, with all of that being said, Wang Chung has and still continues to be a cult favorite/following.
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