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Thread: "Legion" the X-Men TV Spin-Off on FX

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    Default "Legion" the X-Men TV Spin-Off on FX


    I was hoping this would at least be OKAY but I am TRULY SHOCKED by just how INSANELY FANTASTIC it truly is...fucking WOW.

    No bullshit, "Legion" is AT LEAST as good as Marvel's Netflix shows and absolutely DESTROYS "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," etc. WITHOUT QUESTION. It is THAT fucking great!

    It never would've been my first choice for an X-Men TV spin-off but in hindsight it was BRILLIANT decision. The concept is not only inherently cinematic but also PERFECTLY suited to the long-format, episodic formula of the medium. (All puns intended!) Loving the fact that they get away with so much profanity and don't really have many commercial breaks yet, too. THIS SHOW IS SO FUCKING COOL. And I haven't even gotten into the music and psychedelia or the amazing cast and the SUPREMELY talented crew or its pedigree yet! OMFG, srsly.

    But I don't want to spoil anything.

    Just go in with an OPEN MIND and we'll talk later...

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    I'll have to give this a watch. Didn't even know about it at all.
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    10/10 first episode, really. I already assumed that it would be amazing since the show is being helmed by Noah Hawley, and he wrote and created the astounding FX 'Fargo' TV show. That show, especially Season 02, is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

    But anyway, 'Legion' is really quite good. I don't know anything about the character and I've already had a significant amount of his backstory spoiled just from reading threads about the show.

    People fucking think that just because something is based off of an existing work, then ALL SPOILERS are irrelevant and out the window. I fucking hate it. Guess what - a lot of fucking people are going to watch this show who have never read any fucking Legion comics. It's the same goddamn thing with anything based off of a real event. As long as a show or movie is based off of a true story, then apparently there's no such thing as spoilers. Because obviously everybody knows everything ever.

    I recently watched a movie that was based off of an even that happened in the 70's, a generally lesser known event. I had never heard of it and nobody I know had ever heard of it. But I had somebody on the internet tell me that it's reasonable to say that there can be spoilers for such a movie because "that would be like spoiling Titanic." They always use THAT fucking example for any work based off of a true story, the goddamn Titanic. 'It's impossible to spoil a true event because everybody already knows.' Well no, fuck you, this goes back to what I said about the fact that everybody in the world doesn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that has ever happened.

    Whatever. Cool show.

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    HEAVEN UPSIDE DOWN Hazekiah's Avatar
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    Yeah, that's super-obnoxious.

    I generally don't even post much about movies till they've been out for at least a little while primarily because some jackass will just waltz in and use the occasion to post a massive spoiler. Like I didn't even want to start a thread for Split here till after it had already had a few weeks for people to enjoy it cold since plot-twists are such a big deal for the films of M. Night Shyamalan and I figured someone would just ruin it if a thread existed in which they could do so.

    Gotta love it!

    Back to "Legion," though...glad to hear you liked it so well, that's great!

    I grew up reading the X-titles from Marvel so I already knew all about him and I wouldn't really worry too much about the comic stuff spoiling the show in any significant way. It's pretty powerfully divergent from the source material in terms of plot so far. But who knows? I guess we'll have to wait and see so I'll be sure to use spoiler tags if any of that stuff comes up in here, fwiw.

    Also, I have yet to see the second season of "Fargo" but I binged the first at a pal's house when it was new and of course I LOVED IT, so if I'd had any idea who Noah Hawley was by name before "Legion" I would have been IMMENSELY more excited going into it. No fucking wonder it's as awesome as it is! Not to mention the list of executive producers. Fucking James Cameron?!? Goddamn.


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    HEAVEN UPSIDE DOWN Hazekiah's Avatar
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    So, actually...I took out some of my old comics and I think I could see how the show MIGHT be headed towards some source-material stuff that would be kinda spoilerific. Ugh.

    Regardless, it seems like the show will be changing things up enough to keep it interesting, not to mention at LEAST as good as the comics if not even better. So I still wouldn't sweat it too much.

    Back into (hopefully) non-spoiler territory, one of the things I like so much about the TV show's poster up above is how tastefully it references David's ridiculous hair from the comics, lol:

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