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Thread: Official Marilyn Manson Social Network Updates 2.0

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    Manson's camp sucks pretty much lately
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    That honestly disappoints me much moreso than not hearing the single/seeing the video. After seeing the election day clip, and reading what Manson's been saying lately, I believed Manson had a crack-team of blokes ready to reeeeallly deploy a massive 21st-century-Manson promotional effort, giving way to an incredibly impactful era. I mean, fuck, a week ago some people were fantasizing about Manson being mentioned by the president himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Gruesome Discovery View Post
    I imagine something like this happened back in July:

    Marilyn Manson: Hey u guys, the new album is called SAY10 and I'm a release it on 2/14
    Cooking Vinyl: No. No, you're not. We have to do a bunch of stuff first. Jesus; how long have you been in this business?
    MM: Well shit, I figured since it's the future now I could just, like, dial into the internet and
    CV: No, and you should probably tell everyone that 2/14 totally isn't happening.
    MM: OK, I will; right after I sober up.
    Except he mentioned it again in September in the Dazed interview. The record company may well be behind holding back the release as they could have a certain period they want it to be released in. It may be that they wanted it released during/before the 2017 tour, although a lot of those are festival dates, so probably not.

    What I don't get is why the recent social media activity. He was suggesting something was coming on the 14th, and even though I didn't think it was the album (certainly not in physical form) I would have at least expected some proper detail about the album and/or a full song/video. Why the foreplay if you're not going to follow it up with something? It's almost like something was planned but couldn't be delivered in time. Also, why the radio silence? There doesn't have to be detail, just some hope that something is on it's way.

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    After coming off of Valentine's day like the rest of you with nothing, I scoured the internet for any hint of say10 and found a link on thepiratebay under the name "say ten". Most of the description was in russian, but I decided what the hell, maybe it's the real thing. An hour later it finished downloading, and to my surprise, YES! It's the new album! This is my review of the album, since I know most of you after reading what I just said are going to download it for yourselves and are eager to know what you're getting into.

    1. The opening track begins with Manson exclaiming how much he hates donald trump. The use of actual trump audio is very creative and melds with the song pretty well. This is definitely a new tour opener along with Deep Six and Hey Cruel World...
    2. This song is the single. Manson sings about satan and being the "american-as-apple-lie" villain. Extremely catchy hook and great production.
    3. This is where things start to get deep. This song may or may not be about manson's cat, but lyrics like "you claw your way up my back" and "We turn literature into kitty litter" raise a few eyebrows. The sound is more stripped back, it sounds like Manson singing acapella over a really shitty 80s drum machine. I'm sure a lot of fans will hate it at first, then later say it's one of their favorites.
    4. This song is just straight up heavy. Think of "Born Again" meets "Cyclops". Manson screams "I'm not who I used to be", which I think is a line directly ripped off from Nine Inch Nails. It's aggressive yet also sexy at the same time, like he's taking a chainsaw to your genitals.
    5. This is my least favorite song. It's too slow and the chorus is a bit of an eye-roller. How many times is Manson going to sing about mythological beings? Although the lyric, "Ares is my home boy" might keep me coming back, this track is sorely lacking.
    6. This track must've been what manson was referring to when he said this album was the most over-complicated thing he's ever done. This track is Manson literally rapping over a hip hop track with a flow that could rival Eminem or Kendrick Lamar. I see some fans getting angry over this, but I'm happy with the new direction Manson is taking with his music. It's time to move into the 21st century and leave the 90s behind!
    7. I may have been too quick typing that last sentence. This track is straight up pop. I'm surprised it's the 7th track on here, because this song could be on a Bruno Mars or Katy Perry album. I don't think I've heard Manson sing this high before or use this much auto-tune. The song is also about getting it on in the club. I think Manson might've gone too far into the 21st century at this point.
    8. I straight up don't know why this song exists. It's just Manson providing commentary for the holy mountain. This track is 2 hours long. I had to skim around to hear the parts where he talks, but I could only make out drunken ramblings similar to the Talking Dead episode.
    9. Wow, what a track! Manson completely makes up for the last couple tracks by making a song better than anything on ACSS or MA. This is like Led Zeppelin levels of awesome. This song will be remembered as a classic in the annals of rock history. Tyler Bates did amazing work with the guitar on this track. It reminds me a bit of stairway to heaven.
    10.The last track is a stripped-down track with Manson reflecting on the album as a whole. There are some moments that made me tear up, like, "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?" and "Trees are people too." Normally, these statements would be real WTF moments, but the conviction in his voice when he sings them is so touching you can't help but feel his pain. This is Twiggy's best guitar work by far. It is truly amazing and is sure to have him mentioned in the future alongside the likes of Jimmy Page and Slash. I was also surprised by the use of odd instruments in this track, like the triangle and the glockenspiel, but they work with the mood of the song.

    Overall, I'd say this was a strong comeback album and a very different but welcome departure from his usual sound. Even though he didn't talk about relationships at all on this album, I personally feel like he did, so I'm going to dock him points for that. The standard edition comes with tracks 1-7, while the deluxe edition comes with all 10. This was the best album Marilyn Manson could've possibly made as of 2017. I can't wait for his next comeback album.

    That being said, it didn't live up to my very specific hopes and expectations, so I'm giving it a 2/10.
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    ^ lmao give this guy a fucking medal
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    You all need to take a walk outside. Until there's some news...

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    Not directly from Manson, but Dazed's creating merch for SAY10.
    Well, it looks we know logo for this era...
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    I don't know where to put this, but here says that 'Say10' will be out in june, and that the original release date was october 13 2017. It might be total bullshit, I don't know. Who knows Hogwild Records, for example?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardis View Post
    Not directly from Manson, but Dazed's creating merch for SAY10.
    Well, it looks we know logo for this era now...
    Uh..... not sure this bodes well for the new era... lol. The logo is cool, but wtf is s/he wearing?

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