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Thread: Official Marilyn Manson Social Network Updates 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    'Je$u$ cri$i$' - I really have a crisis here, I hope this will be good! And there are ONLY 10 songs on HUD : (
    THEOL had 15, BV had 13, TPE had 10, talking about his creativity! : /
    By the way, am I allowed to talk about the new album? Well, I'll see if I get deleted...
    Baffled about the number of tracks too... No way he originally intended to release an album with only 7 songs... There has to be a deluxe version with more songs.

    Will give the song a listen on earphones before saying anything about it.

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    Had a listen on earphones.

    Initial impressions: G O O S E B U M B S all over may body, S M I R K on my lips and a V E R T I G O in my head. MANSON IS BAAAAACK.

    ------------ I L O V E IT --------------

    It has such a drive and kick! Awesome energy throughout the song, plus love the sinister sounding vocals, whispering and electronic sound effects. He is not straining his voice any more, he stays in the comfortable range and sounds all the better for it! It is easily THE BEST song since anything from TGAOG. I totally hear the aggression and directional change compared to the TPE he was promising. This really could have been on AC although it also has some MA and TPE moments. It reminds mostly of Hate Anthem and Reflecting God!

    If this is anything to go by, then the rest of the live songs we have heard until now will sound this good as studio versions too!!

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    The ordeal is getting close to over. Everyone can rest again.

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    I guess this could be from the Kill4Me video..

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    God, I'm even seeing this tweet make the rounds with my mutuals who don't even really like Manson or follow him. Brilliant move from his PR team.

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    What's interesting, is that although they replied to someone else who re-tweeted Manson's picture, there is a response from Walmart themselves in there...
    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

    m e m e n t o m o r i . p o s t m o r t e m

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    That picture is almost two months old now. There was mass outrage (per the world as usual these days) and Walmart publicly apologized for it. This seems kind of lame of him to tweet out such old news.

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    White contact lens :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    Well it certainly isn't the 90s anymore.

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