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Thread: Coma Grey (Remake) An exclusivity at the end?

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    i hear "in a lower mode" for sure !

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    That seems like a lot of work for relatively little payoff.

    Personally, it also doesn't sound quite like what I'd expect a fake demo to sound like. I'd expect someone faking an early Manson demo to go for a pretty generic industrial rock sound, along the lines of that "Forbidden Fruit"/"Rotten Apples" song by Rackets And Drapes that got passed around Limewire as a Manson track back in the day.

    Obviously it's difficult to say what a super-low quality demo is intended to sound like, but this track (all twenty seconds of it) has almost a funky alternative rock vibe to it. It's not something I think that someone trying to fake a Manson demo would make, but it's totally something I can buy as being an idea thrown out in the early stages of Mechanical Animals. I just feel like a forger would go for a This Is What Everyone Thinks Marilyn Manson Sounds Like kind of thing. If it's fake, it's a damn subtle one. I agree with Nem, it does put me in mind of "Apple Of Sodom", both being fairly groove-oriented and bass-heavy, though this is faster.

    As an aside, I've always wondered why the demo material from the Antichrist Superstar era (and this, if it's legit) are hardly any higher quality, and sometimes even worse, than Spooky Kids songs. Hell, even the clips titled "Jack Eats Dinner" and "Compass And The Ruler", from 2000/2001, are of lower quality than my shitty YouTube rips of Refrigerator.
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    Can anyone make out the lyrics at all? I honestly can't understand a single word.

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    It just does not make any sort of impression on me, honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dipp Six View Post
    Can anyone make out the lyrics at all? I honestly can't understand a single word.
    If I have time to transcribe them later I will. Not much to write home about tho'.
    Quid ignorantia sit multi ignorant.

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    This "demo" doesn't sound like Manson to me at all. More like Damon Albarn in Gorillaz, maybe slightly deeper.

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    It sounds like a legit Manson demo to me, and a good one too. Could be one of those Dust Bros produced demos done before the actual MA sessions. I honestly like it much more than the 'Say10' snippet. It would be very interesting to hear unreleased songs from the 'Mechanical Animals' and 'Holy Wood' recording sessions, there must be some and it's incredible how literally nothing surfaced online in almost 20 years. Considering the absolute fuck all that Manson did for 'Antichrist Superstar' last year I'm 100% sure we won't ever get any deluxe reissue of the other two masterpieces, let alone unreleased material.

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    The uploader of that song was also the guy that uploaded a song that he said was from Phantasmagoria and swore up and down it was Manson doing the vocals. I forgot the name of the track. Think he took it down.

    EDIT: It was later confirmed fake.

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    Well, he said he is waiting to release it on a Anniversary. Not sure of what.
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    It's fake. True story.

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