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Thread: R.I.P. M Tragedy666

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    Well fuck!
    I've been off the site for the past week due to crazy past few weeks of life, and fuck did not expect to come back and be faced with this thread. I don't think I really talked to him much, but knew him well within the forum with his posts.

    I enjoyed your post Haz.

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    I remember that, when he started interacting with me back at the Phant, I was under the impression that he was Manson himself, in disguise. So elocuent and always full of details that enrichened his posts. He surely will be missed around.

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    I didnt interact with much, but I've seen him around since the phant days. Another one down due to heroin.

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    So sorry to pop this back up after a couple months. But I miss him so much and I decided to log into the forum for the first time in a couple years to read some of his posts. I love this post Haz. Very well said and our Ohio story was very fun to read as I'm replaying in my head. "Hot friend" hahaha ;) I still think about him everyday and I'm currently in the car to Indianapolis. Heading to days of the dead and this is something I always did with him. He'll be in my thoughts with every sip of whiskey this weekend. Hail Satan. RIP mike.

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    I've not been here much for a few months now due to a lot going on, so am shocked to only be catching up to this news now, some 3 months past. I never knew him much in a personal sense, never speaking outside of threads, but he was one of those constant names that had been around since the Phant. A tragic way to go out, but at least he lived his life his own way and sounds like he had a blast doing it. You can't ask for much more than that.
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    Damn, I've fallen behind with my own personal shit. That sucks. I do remember him from the Heirophamt. It's apparent he lived his life to the fullest and without regrets.

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    Sorry, guys. I meant to get back to this thread a lot sooner but shit happens and frankly I was trying not to think about it even though it's always there and never sucks any less. It's still kinda hard even now, a year later, tbh.

    Anyway, I went to Mike's funeral and it was immensely, TERRIBLY depressing but somehow still just as awesome af, too.

    I mean, HOLY FUCK, I had no idea his dad was a State Trooper and I wanted to turn around and leave immediately once I saw like 20 police cars at the funeral home but LOL that's Mike so fuck it. Should've known.

    It was a little weird but everyone was just there to be there for everyone so it was actually really sweet and heartwarming. I met a lot of really cool people and reconnected with some old friends too because that's just the kind of gang that assembles around someone as overwhelmingly awesome, sweet, and friendly as Mike was. Someone gave me some DVDs of indie-films his band was on the soundtrack for, a bunch of us got hammered in the parking lot and lounge, we ditched the pigs and made a pizza run then came back and got trashed again, his family was just SO nice and accepting and happy to see everyone show up for their son, and we all sent him off the best we could and the mortuary attendant had to mop up someone's puke in the men's room and it was pretty much EXACTLY as Mike would have wanted it, lol.

    Then I had to figure out wtf to do with myself overnight before the actual funeral the next morning and his former bandmate was kind enough to let me sleep in his garage instead of commuting back and forth from Chicago and Indiana since he lived right there so we kinda had an afterparty at his place. Again, Mike would have approved. SUPER SHITTY THO b/c then I woke up a few hours later and OSHIT we were kinda late since everyone overslept.

    I looked fucking EVERYWHERE but simply COULD NOT FIND MY BOOTS.

    It occurred to me that maybe our pal who'd left overnight drove off with them (as well as my 2 liters of vodka in his trunk) and I was just like HAHAHA DAMN I GOT PLAYED but nope. Not wanting to be the guy showing up barefoot and late to the funeral, I begged my hosts to PLEASE let me stop at a Walmart on the way so I could buy some new boots really quick. And also replace the missing vodka.

    They understood my predicament and, as baffled as I was myself, they agreed that footwear for a solemn, formal event was probably a good idea. So I walked into Walmart barefoot, RIGHT past the cops working security from their mini-pigpen and eyeing me curiously, and went straight to the shoe section. They didn't have anything quite my size so I squeezed into a few pairs before finding a decent fit and then I just kept them on and strutted over to the booze aisles at like 9 a.m., lol. While I waited in line to check out, it occurred to me that I didn't see any cops anywhere and the clerk probably had NO IDEA that I was wearing soon-to-be-stolen boots so I just bought my vodka and walked right out. Bwahahaha! IT WAS PRETTY FUCKING EPIC, lol.

    So we missed the funeral by a few minutes but thanks to the miracles of modern day technology we managed to reconnect with everyone at the unofficial afterparty at a nearby bar, which was EXTRA cool because it was just us crazy kids instead of his family and cops and stuff. You know, HIS REAL FAMILY. And that whole thing was actually somehow a LOT of fun despite the circumstances. Lots of us all buying rounds of drinks for everyone else and nonstop lulz and reminiscing and anecdotes and toasts and stuff. It was pretty great, such as it was.

    Then I got a ride back to Chicago from Indiana from a pal of Mike's in trade for my newly stolen boots (oh, yeah, I found my old pair laid flat under my luggage when we went back to pick it up, lol) so I was like WHATEVER and SURE and the guy was promoting a free drink-ticket fancy-bar in downtown Chicago anyway so I just kinda tagged along since I basically had fuck-all to do otherwise.

    Then I faceplanted HARD into the rainswept alley outside one of the clubs we were barhopping/pubcrawling to and that TOTALLY sucked and I was bleeding everywhere and signing insurance waivers and shit but totally didn't care b/c idgaf and I was just glad to be alive, tbh. Lost my phone somewhere along the way, hence my lack of updates, as well as my Driver's License, but fortunately I had a photocopy of it in my pocket from the earlier faceplant incident so the party raged on from bar-to-bar and I eventually found myself at another pal's house where I numbed my face and brain accordingly and all in all it was about as hedonistic and self-destructive as one would hope so MISSION FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED, AMIRITE.

    So now I have YET ANOTHER scar on my face and I <3 it and its name is Mike.

    Again, I kinda think he would have WANTED it this way, lol.

    The moral of the story is everything sucks but you find the bright side and honor your friends the best you can because you love them like crazy and just want everyone to know how drop dead fucking awesome they were because GODDFUCKING DAMNIT M TRAGEDY666 WAS THE BEST.

    Basically, it was a retarded-ass shitshow wastedface bingefest clusterfuck full of love and fellowship and rock and dancing and bewildered police and drenched in drugs and blood and backalley rainwater and Mike would have wanted it NO OTHER WAY.

    \m/ <3 <3 \m/

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    I know this happened a while back, but I just saw this.....Omg, this makes me so sad. :'( He was such a nice guy and made me feel very welcome here when I first started posting. RIP my friend. :'(
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