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Thread: AOL - Marilyn manson chat rooms

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    In the earliest days of my online fandom, I was using my dad's office computers to access the Wildcat BBS network to which he'd subscribed. That was maybe around '92-'93. By '94 we were on AOL and I generally had my own account under some variation of the word STYGIAN, as in "of or related to the river Styx," such as Stygian, Stygia, StygeLine, or, as seen in the pix below, simply Styge.

    I was a sophomore in High School and an avid illustrator of homemade comix and I'd recently created a character of the same name and I guess it just stuck for a while, idk.

    Anyway, Manson didn't really have an online presence in any OFFICIAL capacity yet but if you typed Keyword: MARILYN MANSON into the AOL chatroom search there was already an impromptu BBS-style message board being assembled by fans so of course I jumped right in. Later, the band would actually acknowledge it by feeding it tracklists, release dates, interviews, etc. and they eventually even deputized a prominent member to act as a quasi-official mouthpiece then finally began listing the AOL Keyword as an "official" contact point in liner notes for various releases.

    Of course, I wasn't really supposed to be fucking around with that stuff in my dad's office but the upside of not being able to save stuff was that I just printed most of the good bits out instead and since I never throw anything out I'm still finding it all to this day as I slowly dig through my "archives," lol.

    For instance, below you will find my printouts concerning the quasi-official liaison's missives regarding the hold-ups with the post office and her delays in seeing the band's newsletters mailed out to those of us eagerly awaiting them.

    Still have two more pages to go but OMFG this computer is an ungodly PoS so I beg of you your patience, as did they ours of us. Working on it!

    Several more random bits and pieces forthcoming as well.



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    <3 love it

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    SEGLASS NI TONDAY Hazekiah's Avatar
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    Can't find these original sheets at the moment but I did manage to dig up an old post I made a few years ago with some relevant scans and info so I'll just copy & paste it in here instead...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    Here's an interesting footnote while we're on the subject; there is evidence out there that the title of "Diary of a Dope Fiend" was originally meant to be "Diarrhea of a Dope Fiend," lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gondule View Post
    That would have been a hilarious title.
    And considering it's technically track NUMBER TWO and flows right into "Shitty Chicken Gang Bang" it would be contextually appropriate, lol.

    It took some digging but I found my original print-outs of the documentation for this from AOL Keyword: Marilyn Manson from waaaaaaay back in the day. The original info was sourced from AOL Keyword: Spin and those "AOL Keyword" boards were pretty much the closest thing to official sites available for either Spin or Manson back then so I've always considered it legit. We got a LOT of early news and updates and even exclusive interviews and chats, after all.

    I guess they eventually just decided against the "Diarrhea of a Dope Fiend" pun to help finally push the EP past the tight-asses at Interscope. So to speak. It was clearly having enough trouble already as it is, lol.

    Anyway, here you go.


    Still more to come!

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    Haz owns the things I used to keep in binders before some.... WHORE stole and threw all of it away.

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    Haha that Diarrhea pun is gold. Never saw that before. Thanks for sharing Haz!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    so i was 7 years old when you were in that chat room, lol i definately came later >< i was just grasping how to record onto cassette from the radio...computers didnt exist in my house until i was 10/11 lol

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