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Thread: [x038]: Dec 09 2017 - Wembley SSE Arena - London, England, UK

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    Yeah generally that's all they're for, I always get excited a band is filming and then notice they just have screens up. But I always hope bands record it at the same time? Would be such a waste if they didn't do that as well, even just for their own archives.

    Show was awesome, met with Rx and had a great time. Didn't see anyone else though, luckily didn't see Chabbi.

    Yeah all sigs outside the venue on those posters are fake, they're sourced off a real one but they're just added to try and make people buy more of them. Some motherfucker was selling a bootleg t shirt with Marilyn Manson's crosshair logo I did, it's so annoying.

    Johnny Depp joining them on stage was awesome! and The Nobodies was fucking brilliant.

    Videos I took there:

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    Just to confirm I knew the poster had a fake signature but £2 was a bargain 😂

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    The show was absolutely superb, the best I've seen yet. Like others have already said, Manson was full of energy right from the start, the band were just as good and on the ball. For me the setlist was excellent set, great to hear GBWW included along with the acoustic version of The Nobodies to close the show. After that got the chance to hang around to listen to 'Gods gonna cut you down' played over the PA.

    I spoke with a few others before the show around me about Perous' post of 'special treats' and I predicted to them for a laugh that we'd see Jonny Depp and he duly obliged although he could have been a little less shy hiding under his hat! Before the show started it was a bit frustrating to be held up outside, as others mentioned there seemed to be a delay in getting people in and the queue stayed where it was for ages at a time, making us all wait in the freezing cold! DJ Amazonia was OK but warm up acts are never going to be anywhere near as good as the act you originally paid to see. To me the crowd was brilliant too.

    The big screens each side of the stage were a new experience to me, some great effects used on these although a bit wobbly at times, they would have made a good pro-shot synopsis of the show.

    Afterwards the friend I was with, met up with a couple of others she knew we all got on the tube to Islington to go to Slimelight, eventually left at half 6 this morning to catch the tube back to our hotel in Wembley! Never been there before but I'm sure quite a few of you would have heard of it and may even have gone too, although I wouldn't have recognised any of you.

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    Wow, that Nobodies performance was amazing. When those drums kicked in, with the snow... wow. Great to see them experimenting with the setlist.

    And i need one of those keychains. Badly.

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    So I have finally recovered from doing the whole UK run! The 6-8am queues knocked the shit out of me and my body finally demanded I sleep

    Saturday was absolutely incredible, one of the most brilliant shows I have been to. Vocally not the strongest of the week in my opinion, but theatrics/setlist was awesome! Would have loved it if he had done IHA as printed, but The Nobodies was a beautiful ending

    The doors opening late was due to Manson getting stuck in football traffic on his way to the M&G, he only got to the venue around 5:10! So the Meet and Greet started late and they had to offer them the early entry

    I really hope the pro-shot footage of the nobodies gets used, I know Juan was filming on the Go-Pro down the front again, but the pro footage of The Nobodies would be an amazing promo video!
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    YEah the nobodies at the end was amazing felt really overwhelmed and felt like everyone in the crowd felt the same ,snow and confetti was really cool and when I got home it snowed all night and all day!

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    I've done a google search to see if any newspapers or magazines have reviewed the show and/or mentioned Depps appearance but surprisingly little has been mentioned.

    In the process of the above, I did find a small gallery on Getty Images, apologies if its already been posted elsewhere but just in case it hasn't.

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