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Thread: Eat Me, Drink Me Released 10 Years Ago Today

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    Totally underrated album/ era. Very thematic and theatrical. The tour that followed it really showed the imagery very well. The album itself is very hypnotic, and Skold's instrumentals are fantastic. Live the themes of this album, and it's aesthetic.

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    The first record I was a fan for throughout the process of its release, and it didn't disappoint. The website from 2007 puts all the contemporary incarnations of to shame, too, I might add.
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    Such a brilliant and underrated album, the likes of which we didn't see again until The Pale Emperor. I loved the themes, the look, the videos. There were so many details about how it was produced, too. Tim Skold never got the credit he deserved for his work in the band, but he shines here so much. The four years it took for EMDM to come out were agonizing.

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    My thoughts on the album.
    After 10 years it's still my favorite Christmas Metal record.
    It's not """heavy""" or politically motivated like most faggy Manson fans like. Specifically Holy Wood fans.
    But it's a rare thing that I ever give two fucks about lyrics or social agenda. Go read poetry if that's all you care about. I love the MUSIC
    You know that sound that plays through the entire record along with the vocals? Probably the most important feature.
    I also love it thematically. Kind of a Hot Topic Christmas Special. The music videos are good and the tours were fucking fantastic. Best show I've ever been too.
    Can't wait for THEOL to turn 10 so we can all rant about how fucking horrible the album, music videoes, and tours were.
    Oh wait we've been doing that since it release

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    Even though fans ridiculed this album, until THEOL, and then BV came out, this album has always been top notch. Putting Holes in Happiness is still in my top 5 for Manson songs. The work that Skold did on this album is amazing. I wish I could play the guitar half that good, and I've been playing for 22 years. Manson was completely vulnerable and feel this was the album he had to make. Unfortunately, many fans did not gravitate towards this album. Maybe since it was the first full album without Twiggy, it was too much of a departure and went into new territory. The choice for Heart Shaped Glasses as the lead single was extremely poor.

    The tour supporting this was spectacular. I feel it was a poor choice touring with Slayer, but Manson had a solid set list for this tour with one of my favorite intros. Schubert was perfect the way it flowed into "if I was your vampire". Of course the second half of the tour brought back Twiggy and unfortunately meant that Skold was gone. I still dream of a line up with Skold on guitar and Twiggy on bass. The headlining tour in the winter of 2008 had one of the greatest set lists we have last seen. Reflecting god, coma white/black, rock n' roll nigger, the love song, vampire.

    Overall, it is still a much underrated album for the true Manson fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maniac82 View Post
    Its a great album ,the only song i hate on it is HSG ,imo its got to be the worst single he's ever released (awesome video tought)
    It had that more pop single vibe to it and so you can see why the record label went with that as the lead single, however Putting Holes In Happiness is such an amazing song and wish he would bring that back live. If there's any song off the album I would love to see surface live again then it would be that. I understand he created it all and feels very differently about it all, but it's such a good song and even more so when he performs it live.

    I'm a big fan of the album, I love the themes running through it. It sounds like a diary, it sounds so personal, it sounds like someone breaking apart and coming back together again and that's because it is. I don't think he could get anymore personal with it but also retain the classic Marilyn Manson as well. The lyrics generate so many visuals, I always wished there would be a video for If I Was Your Vampire but then I also know it would break down the visuals we all create in our minds. Tim Skold did a great job with the music, the album itself was a big success for Manson worldwide and I think a great change or almost a restart after putting out a greatest hits a few years before and everyone thinking he was done. Not just that the promotion for the album was huge, the touring was massive and a big theatrical production taken all over the world.

    I still also think that Vampire was one of the best opening songs for a show, starting out slow was a bit different but it worked so fucking well especially with that intro and build up merging into the song, a perfect way to open a show.

    Love it or hate it, it was a successful album and a really solid few years for Marilyn Manson. Visually rich and so many themes explored through the album and tour, there was no decline going on here.
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    Love that fan art @Norsefire but! it should've been a bouquet of knifes.... with blood :P i remember when mmdotcom announced this album I was totally obsessed from then on, and then waking up that morning the HSG video came out, I tried to watch it 3 or 4 times before school (i'm 26 now--so I was 16) and then listening to album over and over again on my mp3 player

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    I am always a little thankful for this album since it's time. It's a favorite.

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    Yeah, it's nice to see people have come around to this album over the years. It's certainly underappreciated as an album/era/tour. It was also his first step into a more bluesy style, and TPE would go on to be another favorite of mine.

    I still remember one of the first things I remember reading here as a new member was something to the effect of "I'll never forgive Tim Skold for what he did to Manson." Which is utter bullshit and I would welcome Skold back in a millisecond. No one in the band since has come close to his talent with the guitar, though Bates is certainly a major step up guitar wise from the last two albums.

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    Eat Me, Drink Me has got some really fucking catchy songs that wheel through my head for weeks after I've listened to the album. I've condemned myself to waking up humming Just a Car Crash Away for the rest of June. Oh well. What a way to go.
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