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Thread: Is Manson's career how you imagined to be at this point?

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    Default Is Manson's career how you imagined to be at this point?

    In retrospective, how did you think Manson would be at this stage of his career? His 9th album debuted in Top 10 and sold a decent amount of copies, he had one of his biggest hits and the record was praised by critics.

    Did you expect more? Did you think he was going to fade 20 years into his career? Are you shocked his fans are still excited for his music?

    Spill it.

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    I expected him to be more niche, but also more creative.
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    I became a fan in 2009, right when it was very cool not to like him. Since then, most of my friends who didn't like him have gotten on board. Even my Christian friends admit his covers sound amazing.

    Everyone in this country pretty much knows his name. He might not be immortal, but he's sure goddamn close.

    Creatively, I never know what to expect direction-wise, but every era has songs that are amazing, and at least one or two that I don't care for at all.

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    Can't really say. I became a fan around 2010/2011. I certainly expected him to be more niche, I'm kind of surprised how relevant he's stayed.

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    If you'd asked me fifteen years ago I probably wouldn't have thought where he is now (still pretty much the same position at the top of the rock game); I'd have bet on either disappeared entirely (either dead or retired) or moved more onto movies, books and maybe the odd acoustic or weridly experimental album.

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    I'm breaking out the credentials. Hold on. Here it comes. Since I've been a fan since the early 90's, what I can say is no. Never expect or attempt to make predictions of whatever direction any artist such as Marilyn Manson will explore. I'm not a fan who thinks that Antichrist Superstar was his best fucking record ever or even him in his prime during that era. It wasn't. It was chum for teenage social malcontents and semi-contempt bedroom wizards of practical magic. Though it is a gem. It deserves all of the praise and appreciation that it rightfully deserves. It established him as an anti-heroic mainstream cult of an already alienated personality leader.

    Anyway. He's not a 2 dimensional, insular person. So, again. Don't ever try to predict whatever approach he wants to present himself as and how he will express whatever it is he is experiencing, conceptualizing or just wanting to experiment with.... Other than his set lists as of recent years, which is a different story. While a lot of themes are recurrent, the entire reason that he is still relevant is because of his unpredictable nature and use of Porno-Graffiti on women's tits for them to stare at and try to decipher whatever he has scrawled on them. He's an alien teenager messiah/nuclear bomb dropper of dope beats for the inferior masses to mosh to like it's the apocalypse. Boom. Nailed it. *On a side note; He also became aware at a young age that all of the girls that he wanted to fuck loved successful dorks with big dicks.

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    Marilyn Manson is a million different things, and not one you know. Ever.

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