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Quentin Tarantino is one of the most overrated writers/directors in recent history. That's not to say he's a bad filmmaker by any means, but his schticks are growing tired and old. I give him credit for his films being non-formulaic and unpredictable, but his whole mentality is that of a Filmmaking 101 student on steroids crossed with a 14 year old boy. Most of the things he gets credit for, in my view, are instead just excuses. He'll take something that's been done better than him by other cultures or in other time periods, throw in his cheeky black humour that's been insufferably overdone by everyone since Pulp Fiction, say he's not taking himself seriously, and critics will lap it up. The last paragraph of the original post made me laugh. To me he doesn't 'elevate to A list status,' he makes shallow and flat derivatives with lots of blood. I hated Kill Bill and Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds was meh, Hateful Eight was objectively shit, haven't even seen Django Unchained. Even Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are only 8/10s in my book. Idunno, I just get pissed that in some fucked up way, he managed to make 'high brow cinema' just as retarded as the rest of Hollywood Blockbuster films, and that he's still seen as some kind of god by a legion of 'sweaty horny dude' film students. Were he to actually be making all the films he talks about making, he'd be where Kevin Smith is now.

That's just my personal opinion. Many would disagree with me. I just don't like the dude. I'll take seeing a flick of his over a superhero movie or 80s reboot any day, but there's way better shit out there.
LOL, no shit you don't like him, you just embarrassed yourself shitting on some of the finest cinema of our lifetimes, lol. At least you somewhat mitigated it shitting on superhero and reboot movies? Yeah, that didn't really help.

It's okay to just admit you have a stick up your ass and don't understand entertainment, you know. His earliest, seminal work has PULP right there in the title, ffs! FIRST. WORD.

And, yeah, Kevin Smith.

Jeez, it must SUCK to be a tubby kid from NJ who bet on his own ambitions enough to suddenly wind up SET FOR LIFE with a hot wife and a hotter daughter in the Hollywood Hills who makes a living bullshitting with his friends online, indulging in passion projects, and basically making whatever movie he WANTS to make because his audience loves it and he doesn't give a fuck what the naysayers chime in with when they shitpost his solidly secured LEGENDARY status.

Phfft, okay, man.

The rest of us will just be over here ROCKING THE FUCK OUT to Tarantino's latest masterpiece while you enjoy the aforementioned stick as best you can, lol.