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Thread: Affleck (likely) out as Batman

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    Default Affleck (likely) out as Batman

    Ben Affleck's career as the Batman of the DCEU may be over just as quickly as it began. A new report from THR says Warner Bros. is now exploring its options to get Affleck out of the role "gracefully," and perhaps even before The Batman, the solo film that at one point he was writing, directing, and starring in.

    When Affleck stepped out of the directorial role for The Batman, he issued a statement saying he wanted to give his all to acting in the role, and couldn't do that and direct simultaneously. Likewise, his script with Geoff Johns, DC Films co-head and DC Entertainment CCO and president, would stick around -- at the time. Then Matt Reeves was hired to step in as director, and he re-iterated that "Ben is our Batman."

    A few weeks passed, and Reeves said he was no longer using the Johns/Affleck script, opting for a "page one rewrite." He said he wanted his Batman film -- and possibly a full trilogy -- to be more noir and detective-driven than exploring the superhero side. While nothing official has hit yet, a new rumor at The Splash Report just earlier Friday said that Reeves is bringing in his Planet of the Apes collaborator Mark Bomback to write the new screenplay.

    Now THR says their sources say WB is "working on plans to usher out Affleck's Batman," and that they plan to do it as an in-universe plot point in "some shape or form." That's a key note, and intriguing, that they'd want to acknowledge it at all and not simply recast the character.
    I'd actually be slightly disappointed if true. Affleck was one of the few redeeming elements in Batman vs. Superman, and while I wish the whole superhero genre would up and die (or at least stop sucking up so much oxygen in Hollywood), I kind of liked him in the part.
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    I didn't think he'd be able to pull it off. When they first announced him as Batman I thought it was an atrocious idea. But it's actually quite fitting.

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    Affleck's a far greater talent than retards on the internet generally acknowledge so I've supported his casting since it was first announced and will be disappointed to see him leave if the rumors are true.

    That said, especially if he sticks around for a trilogy, this would be a golden opportunity to explore a cinematic adaptation of the Bane, Azrael, Nightwing, Damian, and Batman Beyond storylines so it's still kind of exciting news regardless, fwiw.

    And the Batman movies have ALWAYS needed more actual detective work so it's hard to fault them for THAT, at least. It IS the DETECTIVE COMICS Expanded Universe starring THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE after all, ffs.

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    I just hope Batman isn't killed by Darkseid. I would rather them do a passing of the torch from Bruce to Dick rather than keeping Bruce as Batman. I loved the Dick Grayson happy Batman and Damian Wayne Moody Robin combo so it would be cool to see that in the films. Especially since they're making a Nightwing movie. They could introduce newer villains like the Court of Owls and other shit too. Maybe even do a proper "Knightfall" adaption and have a Bane that is straight from the comics/New52. Venom and all.

    As for Batman Beyond I'd rather that be an elseworlds movie starring Michael Keaton as old Bats. Maybe even bring back Tim Burton to direct it. That would be amazing. DC has way more wiggle room than Marvel does and they have an oppertunity here to make their universe not so cookie cutter.
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    He's staying bitches! And I'm so glad.

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