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Thread: 'Revelation #12'

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    Default 'Revelation #12'

    'Cause I like to feel smart.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Overman View Post
    Think this is a deliberate nod to "Revelation 9" from the Get Your Gunn single (itself a reference to the Beatles' "Revolution #9")? That was one of the tracks that got me into Manson in the first place.
    To revenge the misdeeds of the ruling class, there existed in the middle ages, in Germany, a secret tribunal, called the “Vehmgericht.” If a red cross was seen marked on a house, people knew that its owner was doomed by the “Vehm.”

    All the houses of Europe are now marked with the mysterious red cross.

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    Too early to tell. Need the song, or a version where we can hear more of what's going on, to dissect. With lyrics and all. But maybe.

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    Here, I am a Manson fan since 2009, met Manson in 2013, own all the albums, a few posters, have a feew t-shirts, a signed copy of TLHROFH..

    and I just find out about Revelation 9 ... now...
    "I'm Marilyn Manson, go fuck yourself"

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    "Turn me on, dead man"
    "Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themself" -Philip K. Dick

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    So what exactly is revelation 9? I mean what's the song suppose to mean. Or is there a story behind it?

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