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Thread: Daniel Fox.

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    Default Daniel Fox.

    I guess no one cares, but Daniel is not in the live band any more.
    He just answer me through Instagram saying his time onstage is gone.
    Later he said it wasn't his choice.
    (He removed his comments on his Instagram post later)
    I guess he still Gil Sharon's assistant or something like that, but I'm gonna miss him a lot onstage.
    He was my favourite band member onstage since Skold.
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    I actually noticed that comments and when I tried to take a screenshot of his answers they were already gone. It is sad, he seemed really hyped about this tour.

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    Bizarre to axe the guy's participation in the live band during the middle of a tour.

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    That's sad. I met him once at show when he was in his old band Psyclon Nine. Really good show. Really nice dude.
    Another musician walks through the revolving door that is Mansons lineup.

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    Eh, did he really contribute a whole lot to the live band? I always thought of him as Pogo Lite. Least he still works with Gil. He's a drum tech, correct? Wonder why he is no longer part of the live band.

    I suppose the added drums during Angel With the Scabbed Wings sounded good when he was doing them.

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    Not really too bothered about this overall but I liked his presence. Even though he was essentially miming the antics of Pogo. He was the one member that actually seemed to be into the moment. It's ironic that a drum technician seemed to enjoy the music more than the man that birthed a majority of the songs...I.E. Manson.
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    Too bad. I really liked his Presence, even if he may have not done much live. His energy was cool to see, like others said, a second Pogo. It was cool to have a 6 person band for the first time ever. Glad he's still involved with the shows though.
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    I really hoped he'd stay. Especially after this post (but if I recall correctly, Manson said this to Skold too on the Rape of The World tour):

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    love that guy.good job manson -_-

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    Bumming about this, but I doubt he's losing any sleep over it. He's still involved, as he has been. This can be neatly tucked in to his portfolio.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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