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Thread: James Cameron's 'Terminator 6'

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    Default James Cameron's 'Terminator 6'

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Teases ‘Triplets’ & Says He’ll Be Back In ‘Terminator 6’ & ‘Conan’

    Meanwhile, the actor is still promising a return to the franchises that made his name — “The Terminator” and “Conan.” The latter is a particular surprise, given that screenwriter Chris Morgan revealed this spring that the developing “The Legend Of Conan” is dead. The project was supposed to be an “Unforgiven“-style sequel, but who knows, maybe a new concept is being worked out.

    “In March next year, I am shooting ‘Terminator 6,’ James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a ‘Conan,’ ” Schwarzenegger said.

    The return of the “The Terminator” is not a big surprise. It’s been talked about for a while now, and Cameron, who will be producing, recently said he’d like his old pal Arnie to return and “pass the baton” narratively. Deadline also reported that Ellison’s Skydance has reupped their deal with Paramount, and among the projects on the slate is a new ‘Terminator’ movie with “Deadpool” helmer Tim Miller directing.
    Color me unenthusiastic. Skynet designs the T-800 series to infiltrate the Resistance and they all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Perhaps that's like how all the subsequent sequels after Judgment Day (with the admirable exception of Salvation) looked like that movie. I was hoping the next film would be different. Even a cameo to "pass the baton" would annoy me.
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    I don't expect both movies, as well the planned Avatar sequels, to be released before late 2022 or even 2030.
    The guy's been so much absorbed into TITANIC (he's now planning on releasing another documentary along with NatGeo about the making of the movie for the 20th Anniversary of the the lenghty documentaries and behind-the-scenes footage that are already released aren't enough), that he kinda lost his movie-making mojo along the way throughout these years. So i'm not expecting any of those movies to be released before late 2022 or 2030.
    As much as I love TITANIC (I love that was THE MOVIE of my childhood), I think it's time for him to definitely move on and focus on other projects (which include the planned Avatar sequels and which i'm definitely eager to see).
    Seriously. This shiz is getting tiresome (only lots of blablabla and less facts).
    If he still wants to continue cashing on and bragging about TITANIC, he should just release a 4K Definitive Collector's Edition Blu-Ray boxset with the 4-hour cut of the movie, the original movie in 4K, and any other stuff that still hasn't been already released (that only includes an audio commentary with Leonardo Di Caprio) and be done with it. And, finally, forget about TITANIC, completely, and get back on track for good.
    I know it's difficult to not think about the movie that made you a super award-acclaimed director. But, c'mon.
    Like everything in life, sometimes you just have to leave the things that you love behind in order to accomplish something else.
    And I hope Cameron will finally move on and gets back working on the projects he promised to get done since long time ago.
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    I can't remember the last film too much but didn't they turn him into a T-1000? In my eyes that just doesn't work. Arnie is the classic T-800. End of.

    Saying that, I'll always check out a new Terminator flick. I'm just surprised they want to keep going after the backlash of the last one. Even Salvation didn't get a great reception and both films were talked about only making a small return on the budget/promotion.

    Also... is Terminator 3/Salvation even canon anymore? I mean Genisys kind of changed the timeline right?

    EDIT: Genisys did quite well at the box office looking at it.

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    Like a lot of Horror franchises, I feel like too many people (Arnold included) have tried too many things with the brand now for it to have any cinematic power. The story itself is - and has always been - really engaging; timelines that affect each other by existing to create each other is a brilliant brainteaser, originally manifest in two very different, but equally significant films. Unfortunately, the motifs that gave the franchise its notoriety are often separate from that narrative; the leather jacket, catchphrases, inconsistent versions of John Connor etc. These are what people come to expect from a Terminator film, and it both waters down and trivialises the content.

    Schwarzenegger has gone from being a truly formidable masthead of the series, to a Halloween-Costume-For-Hire version of what's meant to be a stark, horrific (and thirty-three years later, ever-more prophetic) mirror of our own future. Cameron's best bet would be to relinquish the hold Schwarzenegger has over the brand, and just start from scratch with two or three brand new, self-reliant Terminator stories, like the Alien series.

    They might not make mega-billions, but it could rejuvenate a predictable story for a new generation. Before the machines kill us.
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    Well if he can do a good enough job to make the film eligible to stand next to T2 then go for it. Hopefully he'll get it all back on track.
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    Not interested in this, I lost interest in this franchise with each failed sequel. I am happy Cameron has the rights but I'll remain skeptical until I see a trailer. T2 was so sequel proof that I just can't buy another "Lets send another terminator back in time to kill John/Sarah" We need a new gimmick and I think time travel needs to be removed from whatever new movie this ends up being otherwise it'll just be the same shit.
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    I am always A BILLION PERCENT onboard for ANYTHING by James Cameron.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazekiah View Post
    I am always A BILLION PERCENT onboard for ANYTHING by James Cameron.

    Me too. He's a great perfectionist.
    Hope he does let go TITANIC (meaning no more special documentaries and other TITANIC-related TV stuff) and gets back directing/producing more awesome stuff.
    I already have most of the TITANIC movie editions/documentaries/memorabilia that's been released throughout these years. And i'm already happy with what I have.
    Now it's time for him to turn the TITANIC page, and definitely move on and focus on his upcoming projects.
    I'm definitely on board for the AVATAR sequels. And i'm also looking forward to this Terminator.
    I didn't like Genysis very much. So I hope he will do a bad ass job with T6.
    "Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves." -Bill Hicks

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