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Thread: Do you enjoy Born Villain more than The Pale Emperor?

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    TPE shines over BV. I hear TPE mentioned so often, everybody bows to TPE when it's mentioned. TPE is a bright light with no heat. I enjoy TPE but I never think about TPE.
    However, BV is a little campfire and I'm more than willing to stick my hands in the flames. There's a lot going on in the lyrics. After each listen through I catch onto something else to think about. I'm still thinking about your little black book. The album tries to play with you, the sirens from Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday might make you panic if you listen to the album whilst high. To me, BV has a bit more character, is a bit more confusing, and certainly has a hidden charm. Cover is still shit though.

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    I'll be honest Hazekiah, whilst we are both most certainly akin in shredding the often facile arguments of naysayers, you are essentially saying that no art associated with Marilyn Manson can be taken at face value, because doing so is a veil of misunderstanding that means the listener is at fault, and never the work itself. You know that's whack right?


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    To be honest I'm kinda perplexed as to how this is a conversation.

    Compared to The Pale Emperor, Born Villain is crap.

    TPE is focused, concise and well produced. It's also a welcome departure, lyrically and instrumentally, from the previous 3 albums of self-indulgence and frankly shitty vocal work.

    I'm not saying there aren't bits of BV I enjoy (songs like The Gardener and Flowers of Evil are great in how atypical they are of Manson's work), but it's such a meandering load of nonsense to me. Pistol Whipped is the height his feigned tough-guy misogyny, and No Reflection is his weakest single. Period.


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    What is this edition "Special Packaging"? Does anyone have this CD version? Please take a picture:

    Pale Emperor: Special Packaging

    122 Euro

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    I do. I listen to it far more often than Pale Emperor. The lyrics are just better, imo. Not much more to say about it
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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    I consider The Pale Emperor to be the worst Marilyn Manson album (from a musical perspective - the album art is outstanding!), so I enjoy ANY Manson album more. That includes Born Villain by default, but there are a couple of others I like less than it too.

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    After reading this it has made me realise how mediocre Born Villain really was. At the time No Reflection came out there were articles everywhere praising the return of Marilyn Manson! And after the 2 previous albums, THEOL and EMDM (which didn't go down too well) I thought the general conscensous was that Born Villain was a sucess. I remember hearing it for the first time, a leaked full album youtube video so to do it justice I first listened to it with headphones on, and I do remember being quite underwelmed tbh, I did notice the production was really amateur, I felt that Children of Cain was a good song, but I instantly thought that it was him trying to do Man that You fear mach 2, and if you compare the songs you see how downhill Manson really has gone. And having Johnny Depp on a Manson cover song, you would think this is gonna be great, after all Manson has done covers and made them his own, Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love, Personal Jesus were amazing, then you hear Your so Vain and it just makes you feel so....underwelmed. And I agree the album cover wasn't asthetically pleasing, I brought it on CD at the store when it came out, no pics, no booklet, and a crap cover. The reason the album has never left a sour taste in my mouth though, is because it really did have it's great moments, I absolutely LOVE Slo-Mo-Tion and Flowers of Evil, and Lay Down your Goddamn Arms is also Brilliant, but I'm glad i've read this thread because it has made me realise how low down the list of good Manson albums this is.

    As for Pale Emperor, When that came out I was pleasantly suprised how good it was, Cupid Carries a Gun had already got me excited for the direction of the album, and the rest did not dissapoint. It really was the best thing he had put out since Holywood. I think Pale Emporer and Heaven Upside Down are great albums and Tyler Bates has really ressurected Mansons career. Still sticking to Pale Emporer, it IS a great album, but I guess it's got less high points than the other albums, kind of just consistant and less memorable, but doesn't have the really BAD moments that all of the 3 albums before it had.

    Anyway, long story short I don't even need to think about it, Pale Emporer is far more superior to Born Villain to me.

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