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Thread: Masterchef audition

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    Default Masterchef audition

    I was contacted a month ago by Masterchef to be potentially part of the upcoming season. Th#y liked my resume and said I did awesome in the interview. Now I have to present a dish next Friday for the judges to see if I make the show. I have 2 dishes that i'm trying to decide between and would like your thoughts and what one you would prefer.

    Dish #1 - Is a herb crusted rack of lamb with a mustard red wine jus, fondant potatoes cooked in duck fat, rainbow glazed carrots and a pea puree.

    Dish #2 - Duck Confit served over a basmati rice pilaf. The rice has caramelized onion, sauteed bacon with brussel sprouts and red cabbage. Served alongside roasted baby carrots and parsnips. There will be 4 garnish sauces that are just small drips on the plate. The main one is a balsamic reduction, the others are a cherry port wine sauce, an orange sauce and then a little bit of parsley oil for color. Roasted pistachio's will also be a garnish for texture.

    What dish sounds the most appealing to you?

    If I make the show I will be promoting Heaven Upside Down every chance I get. The show starts filming next month if I make it on.

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    If you're planning on promoting a Manson album on the show, go with lamb. If not, I'd still choose lamb. I love it when it's served with oven cooked herby rice but your choice of vegetables sounds good too. I'm not a fan of peas though so personally I would replase it with baby leeks. Goodluck! :)

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    Have people seriously fucking come to a point where they want to give Manson free marketing by auditioning for food shows? lol - But yeah, anyway, good luck with the audition. Just don't fuck it up by tainting it with Manson love.
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    I'm not entirely sure overt and blatant advertising would be allowed on such a show...or even permeate the consciousness of a salivating automaton audience fixated on satiating an unquenchable appetite for yummy food porn. I think both your options sound sapid and nummy but I'd go for the duck as everybody does lamb.

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    Out of the choices, the Lamb. I don't think id get picked myself, my speciality is spaghetti hoops and microwavable garlic bread.

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    If I were to choose, it would be Dish #2. But both Sounds delicious. Dish 1 sounds like most would like it, so it's a safe choice. And promoting Heaven Upside Down would be awesome lol. I'd watch you! Even if I don't watch the show.
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    Dish 1. The simpler the list of ingredients, the more focused the flavor profile I think. Dish 2 sounds like a nice experience, but with all the sauce options I don't think it would be strong of a dish.

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    "Captain Aids"
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    Yeah I agree, keep it simple and good! A lot of times people fuck up on those shows is because they over complicate things and it can go wrong, it's always happening. So yeah I say also Dish 1!
    Good luck!

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    1 sounds more appealing to my tummy. But I'm no top chef and I wouldn't know which one makes you a more rounded cook- whichever one that is would be my pick (along with how well you master it all) if I were a judge.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    The second one sounds interesting but something seems missing in your description of the pilaf. Hard to tell, not having eaten it. Perhaps the French fusion would be better saved for later in the show if you pass the audition. Really though, it depends on what sort of chef you are trying to represent yourself as - go with the dish closest to that.
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