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Thread: is Trent Reznor working with Manson on HUD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synaesthesia15 View Post
    @ Halo Infinity The only problem is not so much about Limp Bizkit's music but more about Fred Durst. The guy is just a douche, in every sense imaginable.
    Of all the bands you mentioned, no one gives a damn about him or his band anymore. And the guys he signed to his record label (Flip Records) STAIND and COLD simply DON'T WANT to be associated with him in anyway.
    I once talked to Scooter Ward (the frontman of COLD) on Facebook about his relationship with Durst and he simply said to me in a private message that their relationship ended and that they both parted ways in late 2003, as Durst was becoming more interested in making moneys off their albums and turn his band into a much more big mainstream radio-friendly sounding band, whether him wanted to continue keeping a low profile, express his deep feelings and write good lyrics about life and songs where people could ACTUALLY relate to, even if that meant having a very little fanbase.
    Now I don't know if that has changed throughout these years or not. But that response made me reconsider Limp Bizkit's music and made me realize that Durst was ALWAYS in for easy-fame and easy-moneys from the very beginning, instead of making good music.
    Seriously, who the hell write about wanting a Pepsi or about his moma not wanting to give him any money? And who the hell listen to those lyrics nowadays? Probably full grown-ups who still live in the basement of their mom and dad.....LOL
    And look where he and his band are the middle of nowhere, lost somewhere in Jacksonville playing video games and enjoying the little fame that they still have. And with an album that still has no confirmed release date, despite being announced in late 2011!!
    Please don't put any more biscuits in my tasty Korn, or in my headphones while i'm listening to the Deftones, k?
    It's just an insult to good music.

    I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but... Suicidal Tendencies is not Limp Bizkit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halo Infinity View Post
    I definitely understand where you're coming from. I only made that example as somebody that was a huge fan of Korn and Limp Bizkit, while using an example of them being two bands that were also huge in the 1990s, with the older band helping the newer band get their big break. Both bands have also been impossible to stop being associated with each other to the point where they're often mentioned in the same conversation, let alone sentence. It's a guarantee that Limp Bizkit threads are inevitable and very active and popular on Korn forums and vice-versa.

    Perhaps it wouldn't have been as bad, or even bad at all if I mentioned the Deftones instead of Limp Bizkit. (Just for the fact that they're often grouped together in music discussions too, considering the fact that the Deftones found their own way around in spite of being friends with Korn much longer than Limp Bizkit. They were also around much longer anyway.)

    As for everything else you said regarding the friendship that was had between Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, it's pretty much spot-on, as I expected it to be. It also puts me in the mood to watch Closure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eel View Post
    I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but... Suicidal Tendencies is not Limp Bizkit.

    Not my cup of tea but great song nonetheless.

    Would love to hear Chino doing a song together with Manson.
    That would definitely be a killer song for sure.
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    A couple of years ago I dated a girl who'd followed Nine Inch Nails around for almost a decade on tour, from With_Teeth to Hesitation Marks. Basically a supergroupie.

    She always claimed that Trent and Manson were fine with each other, and, while not the best of friends, still communicative with each other since the end of the last decade.

    Whether that's true or not, I don't know. But there's that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Overman View Post
    A couple of years ago I dated a girl who'd followed Nine Inch Nails around for almost a decade on tour, from With_Teeth to Hesitation Marks. Basically a supergroupie.
    I don't suppose the girl wore pigtails and had a beard...? If so, I have some news for you.

    Incidentally, I can believe this. I think fans often forget that we've no empirical evidence of anything Manson or Reznor have said about each other in the press over the past fifteen years, which has been scant at best. There are people I've known for just as long who I enjoy a teasing relationship with. If you saw me interact with them in public, you'd think we hated one another, but it's often front and bullshit. Some men enjoy joshing to the point of annoyance, it's possible the pair always had that sort of brother/older brother rapport.

    Yes, I understand the rather more serious implication of Reznor's dicking about with master tapes for Manson albums, but that quote in itself was a long time ago, Manson never made a formal allegation, and it could have been a mistake.


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    I call BULLSHIT on that.

    Reznor based his ENTIRE vanity label of Nothing, inc. around the concept of it being a safe harbor for artists, if you'll pardon the pun.

    So when he, whether by commission OR omission, FAILS those artists by NOT keeping their masters safe then it rests on HIS fucking shoulders BY DEFAULT.

    If he didn't personally destroy them or hide them or w/e himself, a dubious proposition at best, then he was still de facto NEGLIGENT in his duties to AT THE VERY FUCKING LEAST make sure someone responsible enough was in charge of ensuring they survived for posterity.

    GTFO with that hemming-and-hawing bullshit.


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