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Thread: is Trent Reznor working with Manson on HUD?

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    Default is Trent Reznor working with Manson on HUD?

    Manson's latest Instagram post of the WKWYFL promo posters has the official Nine Inch Nails account tagged in it:

    What does it mean? I haven't been around these parts in awhile but did a quick Google & PM search and couldn't find anything so forgive me if I missed a thread about this.


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    Seems like an extreme conclusion to leap to, lol.

    If I had to guess, I'd say they set aside their differences to promote "The Defiant Ones" together on Instagram and... that's probably about it.

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    Probably more likely - although I don't see what the new single has to do with them both promoting The Defiant Ones? It seems like the rest of the tagged accounts in the same photo would appear to be collaborators in some capacity? (With Zane Lowe perhaps premiering the single on his show??)

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    It would be a dream come through for the Marilyn Manson fanbase at least, if it were to happen again.

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    MM's reminding the NIN camp that he still exists, just in case they're looking for an opening act next Spring.
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    It's a conspiracy by the Gloominati. Manson and Trent are actually part of the lizard people who live in the center of the earth. They guard the missing parts of the Bible that prove it's completely factual and that's the reason they have anti-religious music. #StayWoke

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    Nah, it's just a promotional thing.....not a sign of a collaboration between them in the foreseeable future.
    Although I would really love to see them working together again, that probably will just remain a dream that will never come true for many of us, sadly. The only thing we can expect it's probably just a short NIN/MM "Clash Of The Titans" tour and that's all.
    They're just 2 different "beasts", with different opinions, different music/artistic directions and definitely very different lifestyles.
    I highly doubt Reznor would like to be remainded of his most depressing moments of his life, now that he's happy, has kids and so many successes to collect.
    They tried set aside their divergences so many times in the past and they always failed. So I don't see how that could have changed in the last few years.
    "Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves." -Bill Hicks

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    I would love them to collaborate again but I know it just can't and won't happen. I agree with what Haz said overall.
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    It is not accurate, anyway I remember seeing Tweets he mentioned Head like a hole years ago. But that did not imply any particular collaboration.

    Many music fans think his late music(post ACSS) was influenced by NIN.(for example, children of cain)

    I think We Know Where you Fucking live is likely to hear the assessment that it was influenced by NIN vibe. He seems to have tagged that way with the intention of anticipating such an assessment.

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    Maybe he is rubbing the fact than Manson still puts out badass music after all these years in Trent's face.
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