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Thread: Heaven Upside Down - Press/Interviews/Etc.

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    Twiggy has no ego and if Tyler wrote and played the bass in a way that couldn't be improved on - I can totally understand why Twiggy would have passed on recording. Sometimes knowing what serves the song, or who can play something means letting someone else do it. Tyler writes in a way that seems already very much Twiggy-esque and feels very Manson at it's core.

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    I think it's safe to say Tyler is the new Twiggy when it comes to songwriting and I'm not complaining. No offence to Twigz of course

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    Tyler seems like he is somewhere between John 5 and Twiggy. Talented and can write songs with feeling.

    Twiggy seems like he's relegated to Pogo status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexxecutioner View Post
    In the Sonic Seducer interview Manson said that HUD was recorded only with Tyler, Sharone and himself. Twiggy listened to the bass lines of Tyler and said that he couldn't play it better and the record sounds great. So no Twiggy on the record.
    I wonder if Twiggy feels replaced musically, which he is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Gruesome Discovery View Post
    Check your speakers if you don't notice the bass in Manson songs; something's wrong.
    You're right, I should have used more accurate language. By "notice" what I meant is something that makes me go "Oh wow, this bass sound/part/replacing lead guitar/solo/ sounds really awesome!" That's what happens when I hear any sort of musicianship in a song that, no matter what I'm doing, makes me stop and pay total attention. It happens a lot when I try out new music via internet radio or what have you.

    I'm not saying that the bass in Marilyn Manson is bad, sloppy, mediocre or anything like that. I have just never caught any sort of hugely impressive attention grabbing bass style. I've seen the same thing going back 10+ years since I joined the Phant. When Jeordie comes up on the board, it's about 90% of people who are infatuated with his character, his demeanor, his dresses and makeup and style, and his wonked out high and drunk interviews where he babbles like a crazy person, etc. Maybe the remaining 10% will mention their love for his bass playing.

    But in all honesty, I can think of one single Manson song one which I remember the bass sound and it's The Dope Show. Probably the most obvious and simple choice. But even then, Jeordie openly admits that he ripped those bass parts from Nightclubbing.

    And again, just to double clarify. I'm not trying to shit on Jeordie or his musicianship. Goon Moon is fantastic to me, several of those songs are very personal to me. I just think that Jeordie is some sort of legend due to building support playing a character in the 90's. Not because of his incredible bass skills.

    (P.S. mostly unrelated to the post but... I totally remember one time in an interview that Jeordie said he also ripped off Brimful of Asha. I swear he said that, but I cannot find much on Google. Does anybody remember this interview and statement? I'm very curious what song it was. I thought it was Dope Show, but all I can find on that is Nightclubbing results. Although... one of the guitars in Brimful of Asha really DOES the Dope Show beat at a higher tempo.)

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    I wonder how long Tyler Bates sticks around. Even though i like his contribution to Manson, i'd still love to see what Manson does next. I hope he keeps collaborating with other producers and musicians.

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    Well from what he said he thought he'd never work with Tyler again but they mended whatever squabbles they had. Apparently Manson pulled a box-cutter knife on Tyler at some point. I hope he continues to work with Tyler I do wanna see more people produce the albums though. Let Tyler just work on the instrumentation and give someone else the managerial role for the creation of the album other than Tyler. I mean an obvious dream choice would be Trent Reznor, say what you will about the man I would definitely welcome his return into the Manson discography.
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    I was enthusiastic around late 2015 when there was talk of Billy Corgan producing the next Manson record. If you'll recall, Corgan was originally intended to produce Mechanical Animals. And I'd still like to see that happen at some point - Manson obviously enjoys Adore, given how often he covers tracks from that era of the Pumpkins, and it's my favorite Pumpkins record also. I'd love to hear some of that influence in Manson's work. This, but Mansonized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReversedHate View Post
    I wonder how long Tyler Bates sticks around. Even though i like his contribution to Manson, i'd still love to see what Manson does next. I hope he keeps collaborating with other producers and musicians.
    Because I'm allowed to dream: Devin Townsend as producer/collaborator. But, alas, they'd never get along. And you'd definitely end up with beats that confuse strippers.
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    I'm still hoping that something will come out of his rejuvenated friendship with Trent Reznor...fingers crossed for at least a performance together. But it really would be a dream come true for me if they collaborated on another album together (even though I've kind of lost track of current NIN music in the past few years lol)

    I also agree 100% with Billy Corgan! The fact that him and Manson didn't seem to antagonize each other during their tour (like what happened with Rob Zombie) gives me high hopes for them doing more music together. Has Devin Townsend ever mentioned Manson (or vice versa)? I think a collab between the 2 of them could produce some good stuff but as much as I would love to see Manson embrace a more progressive style I really don't see that ever happening :P

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