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Thread: Heaven Upside Down - Press/Interviews/Etc.

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    The sentence about losing some momentum after Say10 begins with "IF there is a criticism, it is...", That sounds like there is not much to criticize / it is only thing to criticize. But I may be wrong - its not my native language...

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    The only thing. And Say10 is really early in the album so is he saying 80 percent is slow songs? Doubt that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    If that were the case, I think no matter what the album would have been 10 tracks long. Except with 3 better ones than the ones that were on it.

    I mean, if tracks were cut from BV, would those be any better than the ones that were on the album?
    I'd have to hear those to answer that question.

    And what I took from when the reviewer said that the album loses some momentum after the song SAY10 is that it doesn't necesarily mean the songs are slower. For him, it may just be the material wasn't as strong as the rest of the record. It can be read either way, but we'll soon find out what he meant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    Did you dream this?
    Did I dream the Simmons release? No.
    Did I dream the Manson idea? Yes.
    One can dream, right?! :)

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    I don't care for the critics anyway. Albums like EMDM and THEOL weren't really well received by critics but i enjoyed those alot. Especually EMDM and that album was full of softer songs.

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    Some of his best songs are softer songs ,Mechanical Animals is a classic for that reason imo
    -speed of pain
    -fundamentaly loathsome
    -coma white

    and i could go on ,and if you go in any thread regarding the songs fans wish he would do ,must of of them are softer song

    Personnaly one of my dream would be for MM to do a show (accoustic maybe ) entirely filled with his softer song ,that would be fucking awesome
    Sorry for my poor english ,i'm a french Canadian from Montréal

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    The review of "Kill4Me" is kind of unhelpful:

    ... a film noir snapshot of a messy romance, is the closest relative to The Pale Emperor
    I wish this were a bit more evocative. The "film noir" description puts me in mind of "Spade" or "I Want To Kill You Live They Do In The Movies" or "The WOW" [none of which are especially comparable musically]; the analogy to The Pale Emperor makes me think of "Killing Strangers", the closest thing to a "film noir"-esque track on that album.

    I'm pretty enthusiastic about their review of "Blood Honey":

    an unashamedly anguished gothic ballad
    If the emphasis here is on "ballad", we might get something like "Unkillable Monster", which would be no-good all-bad. But if the emphasis is on "gothic", it might sound like something off Eat Me, Drink Me, which I would be totally happy with.

    Meanwhile, the description of "Theats Of Romance" -

    ... a laidback, Bowie-esque, piano-led pace [that] glories in emotional damage
    - calls to mind "Into The Fire". Which is terrific, as long as it avoids the embarrassing lyrics of that track.
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    Chillin' Killin'

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    To sum up the information that has been released so far, it seems that roughly half of HUD is a slow song or ballad.

    But I don't care if the slow songs are okay.

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    When is the full beats interview gonna be out?

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