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Thread: When did Manson become the "I'm a huge badass" guy? Why?

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    In a way it reminds me of the trend of white female pop stars emulating or trying to copy and incorporate aspects of their black hip-hop/rap/pop star colleagues because that's what's cool and sells now. This has been going on for a decade.

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    A lot of bands do the same thing, through their lyrics especially. But I think with Manson I'm just thinking "Ok, we get it. Enough already."

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    Putting aside his fighting ability, and what may or may not be his own personality as I don't know him from a slice of cheese, the overt masculinity and aggression certainly fits with the image of a Southern Gothic, firebrand, baptist preacher who swaggers and shouts and preaches the the end of the world. Goes with the bluesy, Cage, satanic swing he has had going for The Pale Emperor, as well as various acting roles he has been inhabiting for the last few years/self declared film interests. Half the time I am put in mind of a particularly distorted version of a lot of the Nick Cave stuff in Stagger Lee and 'When the Ass Saw the Angel', except with more of the 'white trash' element and made into more of a distorted caricature. It is (and will be) interesting to see how it translates into the new album with all its apocalyptic rhetoric and the violence of the end of times and if he manages it with any facility. So far he has been drawing heavily from the opening of Revelations which is quite literally rain, fire and OTT damage. End of times for a new America?

    As for it appearing in interviews etc, well. Caveat emptor again regarding 'him' vs 'appearance', but many of the interviews and public appearances seem to be of little interest to Manson and it shows - as a persona and act it is damn handy to deflect questions and avoid committing to anything when bored other than throwing out one liners, as well as representing his happily immature dickhead side. I can get not being bothered to share your thoughts and ideas in the current press. Doesn't help that a lot of the time I think the interviewer is also failing to get the joke, or to push him into more interesting lines of questioning if he would allow it. The gangster rap-street-fighter-macho side is kinda amusing though - a friend of mine described it as he has almost come out the other side with a complete Drag Queen personality/persona, so extreme is the caricature in places as 'doyenne' of alternative shock and unintended father of the 'authentic anger'. Combined with that 'trending cool' emulation, sometimes I think RuPaul would do well to have him on his next series. XD
    Quid ignorantia sit multi ignorant.

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    I've long viewed the "threatening" approach in Manson's recent work as a musical representation of a particular approach to living life, not as macho posturing. In that sense, I find it appealing.

    So, yes, I'm "okay" with this. But, even if I weren't, I wouldn't concern myself too much with what "could be," because this is the only music that we're going to get from him - it is what it is.

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    I'm interested in what examples you have of him trying to portray a macho badass NOW. He has a song called THE FIGHT SONG, for fucks sake. I guess it used to be him and us against religion and society but I can see where it seems like Manson has even given up on us as well in a way. I hate the fan base myself, I can imagine how much Manson hates us. I thought it was possibly a threat to Trump before I realized the lyrics are not "time to kill this fucking clown" but "time to kill this fucking crowd" and now the areal view of people's houses in their email. hmm idk I'd like to hear the whole album before I make my judgments on what it might all mean. The "I am among no one " lyric is clear he's been isolated and or simply disengaged from a sense of comradery with the fans, and maybe now he wants to just see it all burn. "I hate you all yet you still find me incredibly charming. " Don't forget it's just rock n roll. Watch the movie Antiviral.

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    Manson has always had a great sense of irony. Intentional or unintentional.

    In the 90s Manson was never considered more dangerous and dangerous looking be it Wonkaville pedo, goth-mode antichrist or prison-hole ginger queer. He was every shade on every parent's black rainbow of nightmares. Yet he was really just a shy artistic intellectual consciously weaving a facade, methodical in every rehearsed answer for every interview.

    Now that he's sporting a portly rotundity upon a cadaverous flamingo frame with pelican chin and nearing 50 but looking 70 confused for a bumbling Nic Cage or an off-his-rocker senior-next-door type with budding alzheimer's, he thinks he's dangerous. When wet-pantied 15 year olds agog were experiencing naive fairytale romances for the first time attuned to Twilight vampires, Manson was doing the same at age 40. When Manson began taking credit for the death toll a decade after his credit had expired, Tommy Wiseau was busy taking credit for a masterful black comedy.

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    " I am the idiot who will not be himself, fuck it" "Lets just kill everyone and let your God sort them out" He's actually being exactly like Manson with the threats but now you're just not sure if he's still on your side. Maybe he's just turning the lens around so people can get a feel for someone to know where you fucking live and intrude into all your personal areas of life. Maybe Manson is is just fed up with so much introspection on every little thing in his life. He opened a door and let you guys see in for once and you bashed him for it, people said the more personal albums were shit, weak, and everything else you can imagine as an insult was and still is thrown at him for it. So maybe this is his bouquet of fuck yous.

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    Reading to much into interviews maybe.
    Its a persona, personally i dont care much for web articles/interviews anymore. Its all click bait and heavily edited...

    Oh sh!t theres is the reason he hasnt annouced any delixe editon versions of the new album with 'Gods gonna cut you down'. People would assume hes now religous zeloat.

    Btw so pissed no deluxe verson and physical cd singles are dead so o b sides, Gods gonna sounded so good over pa system.
    Damn i miss cd singles, im getting old

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    I'll offer some empty intimidation of my own: from now on, anyone I see just blindly double-posting within minutes of their previous reply will take a few days off. This isn't Facebook, think about what you're posting before you press the submit button, there is also a multi-quote function for good reason.

    Incidentally, yes Manson sometimes speaks differently now. Then again, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he means what he says. Then again, sometimes he doesn't. It's really up to the recipient to decide which bits to take seriously or disregard. I'm not really into the throwing punches posturing, but then I wasn't into the Nietzsche-quoting, dour-faced Apocalypse talk during Antichrist Superstar.
    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

    m e m e n t o m o r i . p o s t m o r t e m

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    "In The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, Marilyn Manson goes to great lengths to prove that what he does is not an act, and that the scary and dangerous guy you see on stage is the same scary and dangerous guy he is off stage as well. If everything in this book is to be believed, the off stage one is the one to avoid."
    We all know how Manson is with his fan base. =)
    "And We Will Sleep on the Skin of Its Nightmares..."

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