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Thread: Marilyn Manson Releases KILL4ME - Sept 20

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    This song has single handedly restored my faith in this new album.

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    Another great song ,i loved WKWYFL and i love this one as well ,this album seems to be really diverse
    Sorry for my poor english ,i'm a french Canadian from Montréal

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    We Know Where you Fucking Live is okay, it's not single quality in my opinion.
    This is very good, I love the guitar, it all has a very dirty feel to it, probably not my favourite Marilyn Manson song, but has given me a lot of optimism for the new album.

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    I love this choice for a single. The chorus synths are my jam, but I actually get a nice THEOL vibe from it mixed with a bit more synthy dance hook. ♥

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    "Captain Aids"
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    It instantly hooked me like Third Day did and felt similar but still being totally different.
    I think this track is the stronger single, it's more catchy to me and just more what I prefer. From what I've read from fans online, I think this song will end up being more popular over We Know Where You Fucking Live.

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    Holy fuck, this is terrific. So this is what Manson meant when he said that the new record sounded like a cross between Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals.

    Though, a thought: this is pretty close compositionally to "The Dope Show". It doesn't have the big, sweeping chorus of the older song, but it fills a similar niche; they're both Marilyn Manson's version of "Nightclubbing". Can this please, please, pretty please replace "The Dope Show", at least experimentally on a couple of set-lists? So that we can get more new material on the tour? I think it might be a little much to have both tracks on set.
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    Wish I was able to listen 😩

    Edit: ok so I managed to track the song down using google. This track is completely different to what I was expecting from the title. Definitely getting Third Day bass vibes and the I LOVE the guitar in the song. The synth is also a nice fresh touch. Chorus seems abit weak. Feel like some more layered or backing vocals could of made it seem bigger. But I've only listened to it once so this is just first impressions.
    This album is shaping up to be very good.
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    OK, so I'm addicted to this song now and can't stop listening to it. It's totally got some Mechanical Animal vibes along with the bluesy swagger of The Pale Emperor. The synths are incredible. Melodic Manson is my fave and this is just right up there with some of my favourite Manson material.

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    Kill4me is superb! A great balance of bass, guitar and synth. Prefer it over WKWYFL but it would be unfair to compare them both as they are very different in good ways.

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    First listen and I'm a little let down, it's not the worst, but it's not the best in my opinion.
    The track feels unfinished, the delivery of the verses are bad and something about the song as a whole just doesn't sit right to my ears, maybe it's the mix or the structure?

    Whilst I have cheated and listened to the whole album I'm pleased to say it does pick up but there are tracks which I think could have made better single material. I don't even feel like an asshole for endorsing the leak cause this should have been released in February, sorry not sorry!

    Edit: The record, with this track especially, actually reminds me heavily of EMDM.

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