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22. You may not vote on this poll
  • Antichrist Superstar

    4 18.18%
  • Mechanical Animals

    5 22.73%
  • In The Shadow of The Valley of Death

    2 9.09%
  • Golden Age of Grotesque

    0 0%

    9 40.91%
  • I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell (THEOL)

    0 0%
  • Born Villain

    1 4.55%
  • Heaven Upside Down

    3 13.64%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Favorite Title Track ?

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    Default Favorite Title Track ?

    Now that we have listened to them all, what's your favorite at the moment?

    My personal top 3 at the moment:

    1. In The Shadow of The Valley of Death
    2. Eat Me Drink Me
    3. Antichrist Superstar

    Edit: Voted for ACSS but Heaven Upside Down is quickly growing on me to take that spot.
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    Still a toss-up between "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death", "EAT ME, DRINK ME" and "Born Villain".

    Of the title tracks that aren't one of these, though - "Antichrist Superstar", "Mechanical Animals", "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" and "Heaven Upside Down" - HUD is the best. [I've always found ACSS too simplistic and repetitive relative to some of the other tracks on that record; MA is one of the lesser 'Alpha' tracks on its album; and TGAOG, while excellent in its own right, sits uncomfortably next to the nu-metal on the rest of that album - it's too dissimilar to the surrounding material.]

    In a really strange way, I think "Heaven Upside Down" is the happiest-sounding song of all of these tracks.

    EDIT: I still don't consider "I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell" a title track, even if it contains the title in its lyrics.
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    EAT ME, DRINK ME has always been a really mystic, unique track unlike anything in the catalogue, and even from the work I've heard from Skold. It's one of my favorites to this day. It's just so haunting, I love it. For me it's one of the strongest 'visual' songs for me as well, not just the lyrics but the entire construction of the song immediately beams a fog ridden creepy forest into my head. For some reason it reminds me a lot of Silent Hill and some of the music in it terms of I guess attitude or the kind of emotion it's trying to make you feel, something Manson admitted EMDM and THEOL tried to do.

    Antichrist Superstar would be the other one, but just that live version from Remix and Repent. That has to be the most powerful performance of the band ever. Some of Zim's best guitar work, the distortion he uses gives it such an edge the studio version lacks, on top of Manson screaming as hard as he can through the whole thing.

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    In the Shadow of the Valley of Death is his magnum opus, nothing before or since has rivalled, challenged or usurped it.

    Heaven Upside Down and The Golden Age of Grotesque come within a country mile but I don't envisage it will ever be deposed.

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    Eat Me, Drink Me

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    Antichrist Superstar. I just can't let it go.

    Should I include a top 3 list, perhaps it would be the following as of now.

    1. Antichrist Superstar
    2. Mechanical Animals
    3. I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell

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    My username is a word play on lyrics from Mechanical Animals, it's always been one of my favourite songs, so it's easily got my vote. The other title tracks are so far behind they are a tiny dot in the horizon :D

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    DecayingSinner's Avatar
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    I’m going with Born Villain. I love ACSS, but BV has that build up to the end, is relatable, and fun to play on the guitar.

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    I haven't listened enough to Heaven Upside Down's title track yet to be able to rank it among the others. But of the others, I pretty much like them all except In the Shadow of the Valley of Death. HolyWood is my favorite album but when that song comes on it's the only one I skip almost every time.
    Picking a favorite though, I'd go with Antichrist Superstar or Eat Me, Drink Me.

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