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Thread: The End of History and the Jesus Crisis

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    Default The End of History and the Jesus Crisis

    A lot of people seem a little confused by the fact that "Marilyn Manson" isn't quite the same as he used to be. Most of them use his age as an excuse. But not a lot of people seem to consider that maybe he isn't doing that stage act anymore. I'm pretty sure at least most of you have read Marilyn Manson's autobiography, and so we all know the intent behind "Marilyn Manson." But we also know it couldn't last. You only get 15 mins of fame. And change has been a big part of his art, and the ending of Marilyn Manson himself is another part of this evolution of the man behind the music today.

    The first song on The Golden Age of Grotesque had some of Manson's most straight forward lyrics in his catalogue. But since fans like to read a little too deeply into his lyrics, not many people caught what he was really saying. And I think that was the point. Marilyn Manson had become like a god to many of his fans, everyone views the lyrics differently and for some it becomes like their gospel or something. So writing something so straight forward and making it the first single of the album gets it off his chest and flies right over their heads. Its like a win-win. But the important part in this "age" of Marilyn Manson is that short film he did and released with the album. There are a lot of lyrics and other thoughts that he recites throughout, but the very last part is probably the most straight forward message of all.

    We've reached the end of history. The only thing left is cosmetic changes.
    At the end of the clip, there's that on screen message saying these words were meant to be his last; not the man behind Marilyn Manson but Marilyn Manson himself. He said they weren't confirmed or denied by Manson himself, and of course not because there is no Marilyn Manson anymore to confirm or deny it. After the EP a year later, he did what he'd wanted to do for some years; quit music. He talked a lot in retrospect about wanting to quit music, and before EAT ME, DRINK ME he spent a lot of time looking for other things that he wanted to do for a living. I like to think quitting music was part of the plan originally, after Marilyn Manson has his 15 mins of fame just fade out of the spotlight and "die" in the eyes of the spotlight. But if that was the case, then somewhere between the EP and the next LP he started getting new ideas and found a new spark of inspiration.

    EAT ME, DRINK ME came out and suddenly the lyrics were different than they used to be. They're introspective, they're more personal, its almost like they're about a whole different person. Fast forward two years, and he released an album that was met with a flurry of vitriol and rejection. And the lyrics, more personal than the last. No coincidence there. But again, the same reaction from people; like this is unlike Marilyn Manson. Perhaps that's the point

    I was in a place where I could not figure out how to deal with being me. Me the person — not me as Marilyn Manson.
    See, I've always viewed everything after The Golden Age of Grotesque as the "cosmetic changes" he alluded to in the short film. Marilyn Manson is no longer the art subject, but rather it is the person left over after Marilyn Manson. Following The High End of Low, he stripped his life down and basically rebuilt his life and his attitude. And after that, he came to the realisation that even he will die someday and found a medium. And so here we are two and a half years later with Heaven Upside Down.

    He has said before that EAT ME, DRINK ME was hard for him to go back to because it was such a low point in his life. He felt the same way about The High End of Low when he was making Born Villain. The reason I think the new album is titled Heaven Upside Down is because its almost like he's come full circle back to where he started after The Golden Age of Grotesque. To put it in simpler terms, EAT ME, DRINK ME was the bottom (Hell) and basically he climbed up out of that and started to find himself more and more to reach the top (Heaven) only to realise that where he is now just might be as much a hell as where he started after Marilyn Manson which turns Heaven upside down on him.

    The song JE$U$ CRI$I$ has the most straight forward lyrics since This is the New Shit. A lot of Marilyn Manson fans sometimes seem to think that there's more to the lyrics in the newer albums than he is seemingly letting on. But this song seems to refute that in the opening line. And I really don't think the lyrics are meant to be sardonic. Because when you look at the rest of the lyrics it sounds to me like its in the vein of Blank and White & Slo Mo Tion except more straight forward.

    Whenever he releases a new album, before the release there is a big hype. And don't try to deny it, even before The High End of Low expectations were high. Lol - Aaaanyways, after the release of the albums lately the fanbase always seems to let down and even cranky at times. He makes a couple of references to cocaine on the album but I don't think he's talking about partying, I actually think the cocaine is a reference to himself and we get high on our expectations of how we see Marilyn Manson only to crash once the high is gone. And so he says he's like a "Jesus crisis." When Jesus died everyone expected him to come back, but he never did. So they became delusional and story after story was told until *boom* "Jesus did come back and that was the plan all along!" He made it up for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manson15Marilyn View Post
    He makes a couple of references to cocaine on the album but I don't think he's talking about partying, I actually think the cocaine is a reference to himself and we get high on our expectations of how we see Marilyn Manson only to crash once the high is gone. And so he says he's like a "Jesus crisis." When Jesus died everyone expected him to come back, but he never did. So they became delusional and story after story was told until *boom* "Jesus did come back and that was the plan all along!" He made it up for us.
    I really like your interpretation, and I'm amazed by how different it is from mine! This is the Greatness of Art: it thrives in the realm of subjectivity.

    When I was a teenage girl, I used the word "cocaine" as a slang term for MM's semen. So to me, the cocaine reference in "JE$U$ CRI$I$" perfectly fits the opening lyrics about fucking. It reminds me how my teenage self got high on MM's sexuality, almost treating him as a sex toy. She imagined him to be not only the God of Fuck, but also the King of Kink (with his semen being "Kinkocaine") - indeed, she was eating her own tales; but one day she saw an interview in which MM said "I'm not some sort of sexual pervert, so to speak," and her entire belief system collapsed. She then turned against him - actually started a revolt to remove him from power. In other words, she chose to fight him rather than fuck him. But was it really her choice? In retrospect, she seems to have been just a paper doll that he played with. In everything she did, she was guided by his songs.

    But there's even more to it. My teenage self's conflict with MM's sexuality eventually forced me to repress my sexual desire for him, and for seven years I kept deluding myself that my feelings for him were platonic. But Heaven Upside Down changed this. The album freaked me out so hard that I developed a medical condition called spasmophilia - a lasting state of neuro-muscular hyper-excitability that landed me in the hospital. And when I was finally diagnosed, referred to a psychotherapy clinic, and forced to face the fact that my illness was a psychosomatic result of the release of Heaven Upside Down, I found myself... strangely exhilarated. And that exhilaration was a dead give-away. MM's music had reduced my body to a trembling jelly, rendering me incapable of standing up for longer than five minutes - making me a cripple, in fact... and yet I was delighted! I felt physically possessed by him for the first time in years and I loved it! This realization really clashed with my insistence on the platonic nature of my feelings. "If I don't desire MM physically, then why does it feel so good to be physically possessed by him again?" I had to ask myself quietly in my heart of hearts.

    And the more I listened to Heaven Upside Down, the more of the true nature of my feelings showed. Song by song, my experience of the music became more and more carnal, and more and more orgasmic. So when I finally got to know "JE$U$ CRI$I$," there was only one way I could interpret the lyrics. Would I act like my teenage self, resisting my desire and fighting MM? Or would I do what I knew she should have done? I had to make up my mind quick, or else.

    But of course I didn't. Too paralyzed with fear to go down to my inner basement, I just watched Heaven Upside Down take me there by force. The day I got to know "Threats of Romance," I already knew how my story ended - because that day was the last day of my private End Times. It was then that I saw MM live for the second time in my history. It was the Second Coming of Jesus Crisis and the beginning of my penitence in Purgatory Upside Down. And there, as I suffered for the sins of self-delusion and self-repression, he made it up for me.
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