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Thread: Heaven Upside Down; Sales & Performance

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    Default Heaven Upside Down; Sales & Performance

    According to HITS Daily Double, HUD has sold 16,524 with 71% of the week counted, and it's expected to end around 25k-28k for the first week sales. A fairly significant drop from TPE's 49k, but not terrible considering the sales climate. Still, with all the publicity surrounding this release, I thought it would at least retain most of TPE's numbers.

    It's currently holding decently on iTunes at #5.

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    I’m not surprised it’s not selling as much as The Pale Emperor. I feel like The Pale Emperor had more press leading up to its release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cataract777 View Post
    I’m not surprised it’s not selling as much as The Pale Emperor. I feel like The Pale Emperor had more press leading up to its release.
    I think so too. Plus i think if the album WAS released on Valentine's Day, it would have sold more, especially if it didn't leak 2 weeks before.
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    It would sell more if Lomavista could do it's job, the distribution of the album in stores is terrible, is oct 11 and still no one in Mexico has a copy, is not in stores and hasn't arrived yet.
    TPE was in stores since the first day, even THEOL was released in mexican stores one week after the official release date.

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    I love HUD but this release has been handled poorly. TPE was definitely handled way better.
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    In Poland CD version will be in stores 13 october, couple of stores have vinyl version and that's all. I think it's first time that happeden.

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    FRANCE (official chart on Thursday, crossed fingers)
    Fnac #14
    Amazon #9
    iTunes #17

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    Having to cancel so many dates didn't help; Manson's always been good about hitting the road to promote a new release, and touring is really a rock band's bread and butter. I hope he can come back rested and ready to push HUD hard.
    It's a shame that albums (and movies, too) are judged by their first few hours of release; the days of sales/box office slowly picking up based on word of mouth are pretty much gone.
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    Loma Vista did a terrible job and really its a disservice to HUD and Manson's camp. Hearing a fair shake a people still waiting on their orders, no confirmation #'s, poor response from customer support.
    I am never a dick to service reps but the company shows little concern and a stagnant attitude as to making things right. You botched it - fix it - and give a little something extra other than a typed apology.
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    The drop in sales is not surprising at all, even people who aren't fans knew this was meant to be released on Valentine's Day originally, and Manson can be blamed for the confusion there.
    Add poor marketing on the side of the label and now the cancelled tour dates and you have the most unfortunate outcome for a new album.
    Not to mention the fact that reviewers haven't been as positive about this album. Regardless of all that though he isn't charting terribly and also album sales are much less representative of who is listening to music now anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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