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Thread: Do we have a post about Jessicka's rape accusations yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarilynRezner15 View Post
    And if you found out your closest friend had done the same you'd expose him? Doubt it.
    I sure as fuck would.

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    Well, reading her story, you can definitely tell this is a story about a toxic abusive relationship more than a story of a rape, I mean, they were a couple, they had really hard times. But it seems that her real problem with all this situation is the abusive behavior.
    I'm not trying to minimize her trauma. It's ok to talk about it in order to heal it.
    But, it has been 20 years now, I'm sure everyone involved are different persons now.
    Oh, and all that happened closes door, so no one here can say a proper opinion since no one knows the actual situation.

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    I feel so shocked about her statement. I allways thought of twiggy as a nerdy nice guy that can be a little crazy.
    But, damn, rape is too serious. And as said before, I do believe her and I can understand how she could hide it for almost 30 years. I mean, it is a traumatizing event and aparently she had noone to support her.
    I hope she can now finaly rest...

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    Remember there was a time where he did do a lot of drugs and other things. He could have been under the influence when it happened, not that that’s an excuse. But back in the day, where this allegedly happened, Twiggy was involved with the party lifestyle. So I don’t find this particularly shocking. Who knows what else went down back in the day. It’s a shame she didn’t do anything about it back then. But that’s what women do when they’re in volatile relationships. If stuff like that goes down, they stay silent out of fear.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Twiggy comments on the story.

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    Drugs don't make you rape people.

    and with just one faint glance back into the sea
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    Twiggy makes some good music, but I mean... He's not amazing enough to get away with rape, battery, and having sex with 12 year olds like John Lennon, David Bowie, Jimmy Page, et al. You don't get to have your deviancy excused without putting in the work it seems.

    and with just one faint glance back into the sea
    the mollusk lingers with its wandering eye

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    When we've got things like the Wiggins' abuse recordings and the unreleased Groupie footage...the multitudes of times M has physically lashed out at bandmates... I'm kind of surprised people are surprised. Half the band were lunatics as it were.

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    Remember all of those times Manson molested Twiggy on stage? If the accusation is true, then clearly 'rape culture' rubbed off on Twiggy like the result of a bad handjob. Jessicka should've gone straight to the police instead of leaving a message in a bottle and trying to outrace the speed of pain for two decades.

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    I don't think Jessicka is piggybacking on the "me too" campaign, though I'm sure that was an impetus. I'm part of the closed FB group where she first came out with these accusations and that was back in July. And she pretty directly alluded to this two years ago in an interview with Alternative Press, and has been dropping hints about it for almost twenty years. It's pretty common knowledge that Jeordie was shitty to her, and that he stole her look from Jack Off Jill and combined it with Brad/Gidget's to create Twiggy Ramirez. She's wanted nothing to do with Twiggy for a very long time; she and Manson briefly rekindled their friendship precisely in the timeframe when Twiggy had left MM, if that's any indication.

    This isn't just sour grapes or Jessicka being dramatic and trying to get media attention. We all know the band members did fucked up things with young girls back in the 90s, and Twiggy was especially famous for it. Other women have since come forward to Jessicka about his behavior towards them. Jessicka for sure participated in some of the cruelty that was SOP within Manson's circle back in those days, and she's pretty much admitted that. I have no doubt that she and Twiggy were toxic for each other. But that doesn't excuse him terrorizing, beating, and raping her.

    Twiggy definitely seems to have grown up in recent years, and he's mentioned that he didn't like who he was in the past. Good for him if he's changed. But Jessicka deserves to finally tell her story, even if nothing can legally be done.

    And by the way, although she's shit talked about Manson, Jessicka has also spoken out against people wishing him harm or celebrating his recent injury, despite the fact that he's been sending her harassing messages since he first got wind that she was coming out with this info. She's not even telling anyone they shouldn't listen to his music. She's being the better person and more power to her.

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    I find it baffling to see how people are already taking sides here. Nothing is proofed, nothing is evident.
    If Jessicka accusations are right, Twiggy should get the full punishment that he deservers.
    However, he is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, I hold my judgement until further information comes to light.

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