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View Poll Results: Who should be Marilyn Manson's New Bassist?

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  • Tim Skold

    25 69.44%
  • Rob Holliday

    11 30.56%
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Thread: Battle Royale: Tim Skold vs Rob Holliday

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    Catholic Girls with UZIs johncraze's Avatar
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    Default Battle Royale: Tim Skold vs Rob Holliday

    It is well known already that both Skold and Holliday posted images related to their tenure in Marilyn Manson two days ago.

    The timing of their posts is nothing but uncanny so it had lead to serious speculation in the fan base. Are they auditioning? Is one of them trolling us?

    Anyhow, which of them would you prefer in the band? To what extent do you think their involvement should be? (touring musician or become a fixed member also in the studio with Tyler Bates and Gil Sharone)

    Cast your vote and speculate.

    EDIT: Feel free to also post whoever else you think should fill the vacant position in the band and why. It is better than eventually having two threads about the same.
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    Hi, friend BreakingYourMomsOldMound's Avatar
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    They've both had excellent projects outside of Manson (Sulpher and The Prodigy and Gary Numan for Holliday and SKOLD, KMFDM, and Shotgun Messiah for Skold.)

    Which one would I prefer to see return? Skold, for sure. Especially if Skold and Bates got in the studio together. That would have serious potential.

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    Hydra's Avatar
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    I am/was hoping and crossing fingers that it would be Skold, but Holliday is liking everyones comments in Instagram about the possible involvement. Skold posts old Manson photos anyway from time to time. And since Holliday left The Prodigy in August, it seems even more likely. Before those posts, I even messaged Skold, asking: "Hey man, any plans to play some bass in the near future?"

    The reply I got: "No shows scheduled at this time.

    ~ Erin"

    So, either a clever answer telling nothing, or simply the truth.

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    MissioMafia Nemoris Inferioris's Avatar
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    It won't happen, but skold.
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    The Pale Scion Korpz's Avatar
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    Skold and MM were a great pairing in my eyes (and ears).
    Would be stoked if it happened.
    As mentioned above - toss Tyler in there an lets see what brews.
    "And We Will Sleep on the Skin of Its Nightmares..."

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    Arma hyde's Avatar
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    I heard that Manson followed Danny lohner. (I don't know whether IG or Twitter )

    I do not think Skold will join the band. But even if skold replied that there was no schedule, it could be a different answer by the band's plan.

    If Rob holliday had posted a picture about Manson in a long time, he might have been influenced by Daisy's death or Jordi's exit, not by suggesting his return to band.

    No matter who comes , If he doesn't participate in composition, there will be no big change.

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    Mephisto's Avatar
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    New bassist is completely new face.
    Chillin' Killin'

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    gardenofeyes's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    New bassist is completely new face.
    This I believe.

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    XIII arkahno's Avatar
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    Skold post a memory picture in his Instagram every week or so, he has been doing this for a while, it has nothing to do with the departure of twiggy.

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    Rob, hands down. He was great in the band and I'd like to see him back and possibly bring some involvement in future recordings if he hangs around. Skold had his time and, while it was good and right for then, I can't see him fitting in with what Manson is doing now.
    In all reality though I would be surprised if it were either and not somebody new.
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